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18 Dec 2020

VotesforSchools Autumn Term Roundup!

An update from us about what's been happening this term, and what's to come in 2021.

Your Autumn Term Roundup

Season's greetings!

As always, we hope this finds you safe and well (as well as looking forward to a much-deserved break). 

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support of, input into and enthusiasm for our weekly resources - our spirits have been lifted insurmountably by your and your students’ feedback during these darker months. Here’s hoping there are brighter days ahead!

A few updates from us...

From January, we will be welcoming not one, but two new members to our Content Team! We have no doubt that their creativity and enthusiasm will translate into our weekly resources, and we can’t wait for them to get started. 
You can now download our SMSC, Prevent & British Values Map for this term, which outlines the criteria our VoteTopics have met since September. Click here for your copy!
Next term we have several awareness days coming up, including Safer Internet Day & International Women’s Day. Click here to download our calendar, or see below for more!
Coming up next term... 

31st December 2020: We will be sending out a topic to ring in the New Year when you are back in the classroom!
14th January 2021: As the rollout will hopefully be in full swing, we will be creating a VotePack on the new Coronavirus vaccine.  
28th January (TBC): Provided there is enough clarity to put together a VoteTopic, we will be covering Brexit this week. 
4th February 2021: As per our calendar, this topic will be centred around Safer Internet Day.  

Our VoteTopics at a glance

Want more insight? View our latest Data Reports on our website by clicking here!
Finally, in the spirit of goodwill to all, we wanted to share with you some exciting projects that our colleagues at a range of organisations have been working on. Each one is passionate about getting your students involved in their work, so keep reading to find out more!
Back in October, we shared some information about London Voter Registration Week on behalf of ShoutOut UK. They have just released their report, which showed that 5,920 young people (16 to 24-year olds) across London registered to vote during the week! 
If you would like to read the report in full, please click here. You can also find out about future events there too.
The Politics Project is looking for schools to give evidence to a new Parliamentary inquiry surrounding representation in the curriculum. The inquiry wants to explore the extent to which the national curriculum ensures that children and young people experience a fully diverse education, as called for by UK Parliament petitions which have received over 390,000 signatures so far. The Politics Project will provide you with everything you need; your job would simply be to deliver the preparatory teaching materials to your students and support them as they take part in an online evidence discussion. The evidence sessions will take place in the second half of January, so the preparatory resources will need to be delivered beforehand
If you would like to participate, click here to contact Harriet Andrews to arrange a call to talk through the opportunity further.
The British Council’s Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme can help you find an international partner school and get your collaboration started with free support, training and resource packs to make your projects world class! For schools wishing to go the extra mile, there is even partnership funding to make your ideas a reality...
Click here to find out more about the programme, including the upcoming funding application deadlines.
Between 22nd-26th February 2021 is Empathy Week! Their mission is to build the #EmpathyGeneration and the theme this year is Resilience & Diversity. They are providing a selection of teaching resources designed to develop empathy, resilience and leadership in your students.
Want to get involved in next year’s event? Click here to download their Schools Programme Brochure.
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