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23 Oct 2020

VotesforSchools October Half-Term Newsletter

An overview of all the VotesforSchools action since September!

October Half Term Newsletter


We hope this finds you all well after what is likely to have been a bewildering first half term back.

To all our new schools: welcome, it's great to have you on board! And to all our existing schools, we hope our lessons are continuing to make a difference in the classroom (and beyond). 

What's new with us?

Here's a quick summary of what's been happening with us since the start of September... 

New year, new design

As you will have noticed, our resources have had a bit of a revamp - we hope you're enjoying the new look! For any questions about our materials,  you can find out more by following the link below. 
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My World, My Choice pack

Over the summer, we announced plans for an exclusive pack of tough-to-teach topics for our subscriber schools. Fear not, it is on its way: you will be the first to know when it goes live
For now, check out our other free downloads >>

VfS Youth Advisory Board

October marked the inaugural meeting of our Youth Advisory Board, where we invited children and young people to share and discuss the issues that matter to them, and who  should be hearing about them.
Read about the YAB >>

Our VoteTopics at a glance

Our first topic of the term covered "staycations", following a surge in Britons staying at home over the summer.
Students certainly had a lot to say about masks in schools. However, what came through most clearly was that they were pleased to be involved in the discussion.
Another big topic that students got their teeth into was "cancel culture". While the majority claimed it was unfair, they also argued for a more balanced and nuanced approach.
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After our topic for Organ Donation Week, we received a write-up in The Mirror - clichere to see the impact of the results!
/Together, who we worked with for our volunteering topic, were thrilled with the results; they will be using this information to guide their future projects and targets.
You may notice that we don't yet have an infographic for our Black History Month topic: the vote hasn't closed yet as we want to hear all your voices through the entirety of October.
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What's to come next term... 
291120 | Parliament Week: For our first topic after half term, we will be looking more closely at UK Parliament Week 2020
121120 | Anti-Bullying Week: The theme for this year's Anti-Bullying Week is "United Against Bullying". 
261120 | IDPWD: Expect a topic looking in closer depth at the idea that "not all disabilities are visible" for International Day of Visibility for Persons with Disabilities. 
101220 | Christmas: Our final topic for 2020 will be sent out on Thursday 10th December. Please click here for our calendar should you want to plan ahead for the new year! 
We have been working on some free resources around internet safety, conspiracy theories and radicalisation with the Counter-Terrorism Police this term. Please click here to drop us an email if you would like them for your school.

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