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Should we be worried about vaping?

This lesson explores how trends can makes us feel (KS1) and the dangers of the latest trend: vaping. The lesson takes a look back at propaganda used for smoking in the past, and how similar it is to vaping advertisement today (KS2, secondary & college).

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Do you know how to be an ally?

This lesson, in partnership with Just Like Us, explores what equality means and how to celebrate differences (primary) as well as how students can be allies to their peers (secondary & college).



Is technology the answer to improving accessibility?

Planet vs. Plastics: who is winning?

This assembly explores how stress affects our brain, and techniques young people can use to combat stress.

British Values

What do British Values mean to you?

This assembly introduces each of the British Values and what they look like in modern day life. A great assembly to remind pupils of how British values help shape the place we live in.

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Should accent be a protected characteristic?

This lesson dives into protected characteristics and whether accent should be added to the list. They match our protected characteristics display perfectly!