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Teacher CPD & Wellbeing

Advice, Research & Tips for Educationalists

Part of VotesforSchools' Teacher Toolkit Series

Teacher Burnout

Teacher workload is heavier than ever, with many leaving the profession. To help support you, Dr. Kevin Leichtman from TLC Educate joined us to talk about teacher burnout and the ways you can tackle it.

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teaching quiet children

6 ways to encourage quiet children to speak our in class

As teachers, we try our best to get to know all of our pupils and meet these needs, but every teacher will also know that sometimes it's the quiet ones that are the hardest to bring out of their shell and make their voices heard in class.

Here are some tips that might just help you encourage the quieter children in your classroom to speak out:

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Teaching about mental health in schools

The government plans to have senior mental health leads in all schools by 2025 to oversee support provision and reduce the strain on teachers, but what can you teach it in the meantime?

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What are Ofsted looking for in 2023?

Late in 2022 a set of Ofsted crib sheets were leaked. These sheets, used by Ofsted inspectors, show the kind of things Ofsted inspectors are looking for in schools. You can find them here.

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Stressed teacher in school thinking about assembly

Planning Assemblies in 10-minutes

Tired of struggling to come up with assembly ideas for your school? Don't worry, we've got you covered! With our simple 5-minute assembly planning method, you'll never have to google "assembly ideas" again.

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