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Amplify your voice

Encouraging young people to make their voices heard

want to make your voice even louder?

Here at VotesforSchools, we're passionate about amplifying the voices & opinions of young people, which is why we're offering to publish their words.

For young people

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Shout about your passions

We know that our lessons often start big debates in the classroom, full of passion and ideas. We want to give young people the platform to share those thoughts. Through writing, video or through audio, we want to publish your opinions on our website to share with the world.

  • Make your voice heard on an issue you care about
  • Publish your work so that people all over the world can see it
  • Live webpage, to share your publications with friends, family & future employers or universities

For Schools

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Real-life learning

As educators, we want to give teachers the opportunity to bring learning to life, and for young people to see their work in action. When an article is submitted to VotesforSchools, it will be live on our website and can be seen by anyone online.

  • Students can submit an individual article, or a group or class submission
  • Submissions will be hosted online on our website for the forseeable future
  • We'll also supply a QR code to the school so that it can be easily used in books, on displays or shared in the community easily.

Want to get involved?

If you'd like to submit an article, either as a school or an individual, please fill in this form. We'll contact you about how to send your article to us.

Submissions so far