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VoteTopic Results

Part of the VotesforSchools community, or just curious about the results of a previous topic? Take a look at how young people voted during our weekly national conversations.

Last Week's Results

Would more awareness help improve support for young carers?

10th - 17th March 2023

To mark Young Carers Action Day on 15th March, voters took a closer look at the role of young carers and the day-to-day responsibilities that are a reality for so many. Voters heard real-life stories from children and young people that look after loved ones and reflected on the four key actions for which young carers are campaigning.

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Past results

A teenager looks uncomfortable and two boys make her uncomfortable her in the background

Are young people comfortable calling out misogynistic behaviour?

03rd - 10th March 2023

Following the rise in misogyny online and amongst young people, this week's VoteTopic took a closer look at some examples of misogynistic behaviour in action and the potential barriers to calling out friends or peers in these situations.

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A man and child happily choose food from the food and vegetable section of the supermarket.

Are UK supermarkets doing enough to tackle food waste?

24th February - 03rd March 2023

Ahead of Food Waste Action Week (6th-12th March), voters considered the action being taken by UK supermarkets to tackle this ever-growing problem. In the lessons, they explored what is being done and how – if at all – this might be improved.

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Should non-LGBTQ+ people tell LGBTQ+ stories?

17th - 24th February 2023

For LGBT History Month and with WorldPride taking place in Sydney between the 17th February and 5th March, our voters discussed the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the media. In particular, they explored how and how much their stories are portrayed and the actors and writers who choose to portray them.

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Meet Thisbe and Willow, twins who are passionate about raising awareness of disabilities like dyslexia. If your students use their voices to make positive changes in your school, apply for the National Student Voice Awards today! https://t.co/xUk5gHJoje @ThePiXLNetwork https://t.co/LlpoqGGPx4

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RT @PoliticsProject: This week over at @Democracyroom, it's voter registration week! Do you know how many young people are registered to v…

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The government plans to have senior mental health leads in all schools by 2025 to oversee provision and reduce the strain on teachers. But how can you teach it in the meantime? Here's 5 tips from a teacher specialising in children's mental health. https://t.co/JLY55g5RQh

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Thousands of children have had their say on this! In a VotesforSchools vote in September 2021, 88.3% of secondary schools students said more children should get free school meals! #youthvoice https://t.co/hVNKcHY1EC https://t.co/WY2pdeTL9o

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