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VoteTopic Results

Part of the VotesforSchools community, or just curious about the results of a previous topic? Take a look at how young people voted during our weekly national conversations.

Last Week's Results


Should we learn about the Windrush generation at school?

19th - 26th May 2023

Following the rise in extreme right-wing views and the young people caught up in them, this VoteTopic took a closer look at some examples of extreme viewpoints and how they are persuasive to young people. Voters also had the opportunity to look at some of the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that lead to extremism and radicalisation.

Secondary, 16+ & College voters were asked: “Are extreme right-wing views persuasive to young people?”, while Primary 7-11 voters considered: “Can you recognise when someone has extreme views?” and Primary 5-7 voters discussed: “Can you respect views that are different to yours?”

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Past results

Should we learn about the Windrush generation at school?

12th - 19th May 2023

For this VoteTopic, voters looked ahead to the 75th anniversary of Windrush. They made the journey from the Caribbean to Tilbury Docks before recognising some of the Windrush generation’s incredible contributions to British life.

College & 16+ voters were asked: “Do we appreciate the contributions of the Windrush generation to Britain?”, while Secondary voters considered: “Should we learn about the Windrush generation at school?” and Primary 5-11 voters discussed: “Should we celebrate the Windrush generation more?”

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teenagers reading books

Is it okay to ban a book?

05th - 12th May 2023

For this VoteTopic, voters responded to the news of an increase in youth reading and increased discussions around the banning and changing of books. They explored some examples, including the Roald Dahl changes, and analysed reasons why a text might be restricted.

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A union Jack flag waves across Big Ben

Does the Coronation reflect the UK today?

21st - 28th April 2023

To mark the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III, young people considered the event's significance and whether or not it sufficiently sums up the values, issues, and identities of contemporary Britain. Young people aged 5-11 looked at the different ways it will be celebrated and discussed how they felt about the occasion.

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