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Would you know how to support a friend if someone important to them died?

17th - 24th November 2023

To mark Children’s Grief Awareness Week, voters considered what peer support looks like when it comes to bereavement. They reflected on the different actions we can take to be there for our loved ones, and considered how confident they would feel putting these into practice should they need to.

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Past results

Anti-Bullying Week Cover Image

Does your school do enough to deal with bullying?

10th - 17th November 2023

For this VoteTopic, voters marked Anti-Bullying Week by reflecting on the policies and schemes in place to help tackle bullying, both in school and in the workplace. The theme for this year's Anti-Bullying Week was "Make a Noise About Bullying" and it took place between 13th - 17th November 2023.

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Is it time to call a general election?

20th October - 03rd November 2023

Ahead of Parliament Week in November, voters considered the timeline for the upcoming general election and whether it should be brought forward. They discussed the current representation in Parliament, mandates, and the major issues facing the UK Government at the moment.

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News & Opinions cover image

Should opinions be shared as part of news reporting?

13th - 20th October 2023

For this VoteTopic, we were fortunate enough to work with Facing History & Ourselves, which focuses on the news, impartiality, and differentiating fact from fiction. By exploring the ways that opinion is expressed in news reporting, voters reflected on how helpful personal views are in expanding our understanding of the wider world.

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