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Making your voice heard

Working alongside our schools and partners, we want to amplify the voices of all young people, as loud as we can make them. That's why we've created the VotesforSchools Community: a space for young people to take their lessons even further.

On this page, you will find all of the different ways that you can extend your VotesforSchools lessons even further than normal, such as helping shape the future by joining the Youth Advisory Board, sharing your opinion publicly by writing a Youth Voice article, or recognising your efforts by nominating yourself or your school for a Student Voice Award.

Amplify your voice

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Youth Advisory Board

Many of our schools take their voting a step further by joining our Youth Advisory Board. These regular meetings see young people from across the country get together to discuss their recent VotesforSchools lessons, explain their point of view and help us decide on what to ask next.

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Student Voice Awards

Every year, to highlight the incredible achievements of our schools and voters, we hold our Student Voice Awards. These awards recognise how young people are making a positive impact in their school, local community or country, using their voice to pave the way!

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Power of Youth Day 2023

For Power of Youth Day 2023, we wanted to show off some of the amazing student applications that were finalists in our Student Voice Awards 2023. You can see a snapshot of how they've used their voices below.

Find out more about our SVA student winners
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Making yourself heard, across the nation

Every single week, tens of thousands of young people vote in our weekly topic, letting the world know how they feel on a range of topics, from gaming through to politics. The results, along with their comments and the feedback received from organisations across the country are outlined on our results page every week.

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VotesforSchools Series Tomorrow's Leaders, Today's Questions

Tomorrow's Leaders, Today's Questions

VotesforSchools is all about pupil voice, and amplifying it to the world. That's why we sat down with some of our regular voters to ask them for their opinions on the big issues right now.

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Young Writers

Oftentimes, our VoteTopic sparks debate and passion within the classroom. We want to help amplify the voices of young people and give them a space to publish their voices online. The following articles have all been submitted by students taking part in VotesforSchools' lessons.

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