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Beyond the Classroom

Making your voice heard

What's happening this year?

Working alongside our schools and partners, we want to amplify the voices of all young people, as loud as we can make them. That's why we've created Beyond the Classroom: a series of events and opportunities to take your VotesforSchools lessons even further.

On this page, you will find all of the different ways for schools, teachers and young people to be informed, be curious and, most importantly, be heard.

What's happening?

Amplify your voice

Student Voice Awards Logo | VotesforSchools

Student Voice Awards

Every year, we hold our Student Voice Awards to highlight the incredible achievements of our schools and voters. Because we feel that the impact young people are having in their schools, communities and our country deserves to be recognised.

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Youth Advisory Board Logo | VotesforSchools

Youth Ambassadors

Our Youth Ambassadors are the voices of our voters. From content to impact, they tell us what they want to see from VotesforSchools while helping us run our Student Webinar sessions for students across the country.

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student webinars

Student Webinars

From bullying to the environment, our Student Webinars are open to all students across the country and provide a chance for young people to talk about issues affecting them.

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teacher cpd

Teacher CPD

Driven by the voices of young people, we've set up our CPD sessions for teachers to speak to colleagues and experts and gain clarity on some of the biggest pastoral challenges. Open to all teachers.

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Children take part in a VotesforSchools lesson

Over 40,000 voices each week

Every week, over 40,000 young people vote on our weekly topics, letting the world know how they feel on issues relevant to them - be that gaming, vaping, the environment or mental health. Check out our results page to see what our young people have to say.

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VotesforSchools Series Tomorrow's Leaders, Today's Questions

Tomorrow's Leaders, Today's Questions

VotesforSchools is all about pupil voice, and amplifying it to the world. That's why we sat down with some of our regular voters to ask them for their opinions on the big issues right now.

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young person writing

Young Writers

Our VoteTopic often sparks debate and passion in the classroom, and we want to help amplify the voices of young people and give them a space to publish their voices online. The following articles have all been submitted by students taking part in VotesforSchools' lessons.

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