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How can your business get involved?

Looking to support the younger generation in finding their voice?

You're in the right place.

Who are VotesforSchools?

We are an award-winning company that creates resources designed to inform our students, inspire their curiosity and find ways to have their voices heard. Through our voting platform, hear from young people across the country, collecting around 40,000 votes every week.

VotesforSchools are on a mission to make sure that young people are having their voices heard on the issues that affect them. If you are looking for ways to hear from our future generations and have their voices impact what you do, it's time to get involved.

How can you get involved?

Sponsor a school or college

Is your company looking to make a difference and give young people the opportunity to have their voices heard? Would you benefit from direct and consistent engagement with a group of schools? Then our sponsorship model could be right for you.

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Run a Youth Summit

Want to hear what young people have to say on a topic that's relevant to your industry? VotesforSchools can provide resources and support for setting up a Youth Summit to harness the power of student voice.

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Set up a Youth Advisory Board

Thinking about setting up a Youth Advisory Board for your company? With engaged schools and students across the country looking to have their voices heard, VotesforSchools can help bring together a group of young people to tell your company what they need to hear.

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Commission resources for schools

If you need a bespoke resource to start conversations in classrooms across the country, consider commissioning VotesforSchools to help make that happen. We work with leading employers, Councils, Enterprise Partnerships and many other organisations to create high-quality, accessible resources on careers, current affairs, and so much more.

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Become a VotesforSchools Partner

Our aim is for our student voice to have an impact on the world, and are looking for partner organisations that can help make that happen. If you want to get involved and show young people that you are listening, get in touch.

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