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The #1 Personal Development Resource for Schools

Giving young people the chance to speak out on issues that matter to them, improving oracy, confidence and critical thinking and covering Prevent, British Values & the SMSC Curriculum

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Empowering Student Voice

Engage your pupils in current affairs, ethics, and social issues through weekly interactive lessons that promote critical thinking, debate, and decision-making. Our unique student voting platform allows your school to contribute to a nationwide database of student opinions, providing insights and data for large organizations, charities, and government bodies.

Complete Curriculum Coverage

Our program covers SMSC, British Values, Prevent, and many other curriculum areas, ensuring that schools are Ofsted ready. With access to hundreds of resources, teachers can choose their topic and discover lessons and whole-school assemblies in seconds

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Relevant, Engaging Lessons

Every week, our expert team of teachers creates a brand-new resource on a current issue, such as online harms, the environment, or Relationships & Sex Education, helping you to stay on top of the latest topics and engage your students with relevant, timely content. As well as this, you'll also get access to a wide range of lessons from our Resource Bank, ensuring you're ready to tackle any topic that comes up in class.

Hassle-Free Resources

With current events constantly making headlines, it can be challenging for teachers to stay up-to-date on every topic that young people are interested in. From knife crime to extremism, students are often eager to discuss the issues affecting their lives. That's where VotesforSchools comes in. Our expert team of teachers has created a wide range of lessons that cover these difficult and often sensitive topics. With all the necessary information included, our lessons allow teachers to confidently lead discussions without any need for preparation.

mental health awareness week 2023

Looking for resources for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023?

Download our recent lessons on burnout, with lessons for all age groups:

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What teachers and voters say

"The VoteTopics are fun, engaging and really relevant to the young people we teach."

Head of Welfare

EPSOM College

What teachers and voters say

"Children punch the air when they find out it's a VfS assembly."


St Chad's Catholic Primary School

What teachers and voters say

"We love VotesforSchools here, it's a great platform for discussion & debating. We've had Primary schools in, Heads of other schools and UTCs and I've been plugging VotesforSchools to all of them and they're really impressed with how it works."

Head of SMSC

UTC Plymouth

What teachers and voters say

"I would like to take this moment to say what a fantastic resource VotesforSchools is - it's so invaluable for teaching and informing the children about current affairs."

Senior Leader

Thomas’s Clapham Secondary School

What teachers and voters say

"Our Year 6 teacher told me they are having the best ever lesson using your anti-bullying resource & that she absolutely loves VotesforSchools. Our drama teacher also emailed me last week saying: "I am not sure I have ever said it but I literally love this website. It is brilliant & such a useful tool.""

Deputy Head

Parkgate Primary School

What teachers and voters say

"My pupils say: "It's my favourite part of the week" and "I really enjoy thinking about the topics and then voting." They are now much more confident discussing each topic."

Class Teacher

Coton C of E Primary School

What teachers and voters say

"As a result of following the topics, attendance at tutor periods has increased and the feedback from staff and students is positive; they are enjoying discussing topical issues with excellent up-to-date resources."

Assistant Principal

Reigate College

What teachers and voters say

"VotesforSchools is such an important part of our week. We display the responses from classes on a board for all to see, and we display the question in the staffroom and encourage responses from the staff!"

ARP Phase Leader and Teacher of the Deaf

Five Elms Primary School

What teachers and voters say

"VotesforSchools has been great for us to easily expand the areas our students think about and to help them see themselves as part of a bigger world, not just our small school."

Year 11 Teacher

Gryphon School

What teachers and voters say

"Having access to all the different levels from KS1-16+ allows us to differentiate in our SEN school – it is this flexibility that really works for us."

Upper School Class Teacher

Small Haven School

What teachers and voters say

"VotesforColleges is brilliant. It has enabled me to develop the tutorial provision across the College to promote SMSC issues through the use of the materials, to a group of personal tutors who wouldn’t necessarily have felt equipped to deal with the subject areas ... The use of the materials over this period have proved invaluable and the quality of the resources is excellent … So, in summary….keep doing what you’re doing as it works great for us!! In fact, we had some AOC training in preparation for OFSTED and they specifically fed back on the use of VfC as a big positive!"

Head of Learner Support Services

Guernsey College of Further Education

What do Ofsted say?

"Pupils keep abreast of current affairs through the weekly ‘votes for schools’ programme. Teachers encourage pupils to form opinions and debate issues such as equality and discrimination. This also includes discussions about democracy and tolerance."

VotesforSchools has been mentioned and referred to in many Ofsted reports for it's effectiveness in promoting pupil voice & British Values, preparing young people for life in Britain.

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frequently asked questions

QWhat does a subscription include?

A full VotesforSchools school subscription includes:

  • 39 new lessons & assemblies, every year, with 15-minute & 45-minute options
  • Access to 50+ additional resources on a range of issues
  • Evidence of how Personal Development (SMSC, British Values and Prevent) requirements are met each week
  • Free staff training and ongoing customer support
  • Access to our growing Hard-Hitting Content Packages, covering topics such as SRE & Radicalisation
  • A voting platform for young people to make their voices heard
  • National data reports with class, school, age, gender and regional breakdowns
  • Weekly home information sheets for parents, carers or independent learning
  • Feedback from Government, professional bodies & expert organisations
QDo I need to be "techy"?

Not at all!

We'll send the resources straight into your inbox every week, to make sure you have access. We create both PowerPoint Presentations & Google Slides Presentations, for use in every school. On top of that, from sign up through to lesson delivery, our fanastic team are on hand to answer every query you may have.

QHow long will it take to get set up in my school?

Not long at all! Soon after you sign up, we'll send you a welcome email with your very own VotesforSchools log-in details so that you get started on the very same day.

We'll also send you all of the information you may need to get your colleagues up & running with VotesforSchools, including an invitation to book a 30-minute training session, where we'll introduce the programme to all of your staff & show them how it works.

QHow do you ensure full curriculum coverage?

As a team of mostly qualified teachers, we remember the Ofsted stress, and are committed to making your life as easy as possible.

We map each of our lessons to a variety of curriculum areas, and every single lesson comes with its very own curriculum map, showing what objectives were met in each lesson. As well as that, we'll send you termly and annual curriculum overviews showing you exactly how you've met each curriculum area.

QDo you offer discounts?

We do!

We offer a multi-year sign up discount, as well as discounts for smaller schools or schools with special circumstances.

We'd recommend you book a quick chat with one of our team to chat about your individual school, where they'll be able to work out an option to suit your school's needs.

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