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Teacher CPD

Helping you tackle the tricky issues

What are our CPD sessions?

As former teachers, we know the challenges that teachers face issues both in and outside the classroom.

Bullying, mental health, the online world - all of these issues are incredibly nuanced and it can be difficult to know how we can help our students effectively. This is why, this year, we have started offering CPD sessions to give teachers a supportive and non-judgemental space to ask the questions they need help answering.

CPDs in 2023-24

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Dealing with Bullying

We're kicking off our teacher CPDs with the Diana Award, Kidscape, Peer Action Collective and OPAL as they support our discussions on what schools can do to help teachers in stopping bullying.

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Online Safety in 2024

Following Internet Safety Day, we are hosting a session on the online world, giving you a chance to share your concerns and questions with experts in online safety as well as other teachers.

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What will the sessions involve?

Youth Perspective

You will hear insights from our data and our Student Webinars, providing valuable perspectives from young people.

Expert Discourse

A panel of experts will follow, offering comprehensive information, insights, and advice on pertinent issues.

Teacher Q&A

You will have a chance to ask questions, ensuring that the discussions and answers are relevant to your specific needs.

Open to Everyone

All teachers and teaching staff are welcome, whether your school subscribes to VotesforSchools or not.