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VotesforSchools Youth Ambassadors

Amplifying the voice of our voters

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Who are our Youth Ambassadors?

Our Youth Ambassadors are student representatives from our schools who work to amplify the voices of our voters. They'll be leading engaging sessions throughout the year on topical issues for VotesforSchools students, sparking important conversations around the issues that matter.

What do our Youth Ambassadors do?

Run sessions in important issues

Our Ambassadors meet throughout the year to plan online sessions for our VotesforSchools community focusing on issues like anti-bullying, the online world and the climate crisis. These sessions will be designed for students, by students and will be packed with exciting discussions and debates.

Share insights and expertise

Our Ambassadors are the voice of their classes and schools. Their role is to bring forward the real-life experiences of young people in schools to add further insights into the conversations happening in our VotesforSchools classrooms each week.

Be the voice of our Voters

There is nothing more powerful than youth voice. So we will be looking for opportunities for our Youth Ambassadors to show our results, as well as their own findings, to students, teachers, partners and parents in our VotesforSchools community.

We want them to be the voice of our Voters.

Why become a Youth Ambassador?

  • Run sessions for students on issues such as bullying, the online world and climate change.
  • Be our go-to for sharing our results with partners or in live events.
  • Gather insights from your classes and other young people.
  • Create video or written responses on relevant topics.
  • Have pictures and profiles on our website.
  • Receive a VotesforSchools badge and certificate to show your involvement.
  • Be involved in moulding our new VotesforSchools Youth Advisory Board into something bigger and better than ever!


Our partners

Your advice and insights will be passed on to partners, schools and teachers so it can be used to influence real change.

Your schools & classes

You will have the chance to film a video to go on our feedback slide to share your thoughts and advice.


Your advice and shared experiences can influence future VoteTopics and help us new ways to have your voices heard.

Want to get involved?

Click the link below to sign up or email aisling@votesforschools.com to find out more.