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Bespoke resources to meet your organisation's needs

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What are Commissions?

If you are looking to get young people talking and learning about an issue that's central to your organisation's mission, we can help make that happen.

We create bespoke classroom resources for companies, local councils, and other organisations to help inform and inspire the next generation of employees, supporters and stakeholders.

Who have we worked with?

What can VotesforSchools offer?

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Bespoke high-quality resources

As experts in pedagogy, our team of teachers create bespoke, age-appropriate resources to help you deliver your message to groups of all ages in an engaging and inspiring way.

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A project built around you

For each piece of commissioned work, your personal Project Manager will work with you to decide on the subject matter, branding, media and insights that best suit your needs.

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Experts in what we do

Whether you're seeking to address issues like extremism or knife crime, or wanting to inform young people about local career opportunities, we are experts at creating resources that make difficult topics accessible for all ages.

Support for everyone involved

We are here to help teachers and students make the most of our lessons, so we can provide lessons plans, SEND versions, teachers guides and more to ensure your resources are accessible to everyone.

Here's what they said

"VotesforSchools really understand what teachers want and what students need to create truly interactive learning. In partnering with The WOW Show, they help us in our mission to turn the world of work into an engaging, inspiring and rewarding experience."

Bill & Gary

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Here's what they said

"We had the pleasure of working with VotesforSchools to develop lesson plans linked to our local resources and labour market information. The service and outputs we received were extremely professional, completely on brief and have been really valued by the schools and colleges in our network. The set of resources represented excellent value for money and are very user-friendly."

Allison Giles

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Here's what they said

"It was a pleasure to work with VotesforSchools, who have a collaborative approach which ensures that the needs of their clients are met, along with using their expertise in how to communicate effectively with the student audience."

Nikki Wakefield

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Prices start from £4,500+VAT

Whether it's three lessons or thirty, we can build a package that works for your budget.

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