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Making our Mark

Our Impact, Partners and Friends

Working with others to increase the impact children and young people have on the world.

Our current projects



We are working with UNICEF UK to find out what young people have to say about Children’s Rights and climate change and to make sure their voices are heard at COP26.

Click here to find out more.

Promoting Community Action

Thank You Day

We are delighted to be supporting Thank You Day and have created special assemblies to introduce the day to your school.. with a competition to win a VotesforSchools subscription! Contact info@votesforschools.com for a copy for your school.

Connecting Classrooms

British Council

Schools in London and Nepal connect through our VotePacks with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about this on our blog.

Weekly Vote Impact

Each week we send the results of the vote with comments from young people to influential people and organisations. We ask them to respond to the children.

Amongst others we've had feedback from: Anti-Bullying Alliance, Association of School and College Leaders, Church of England, The Children’s Society, Counter Terrorism Police, Department of Culture Media and Sport, Department for Education, Digital Life Skills, Democracy without Borders, Ditch the Label, Economist Foundation, Fairtrade Foundation, Financial Times, Good News Post, IBM Europe, Koolskools, the cast of Mallory Towers, National Cyber Security Centre, Oxfam, Protection Approaches, Safe Places, Simply Politics, UK Parliament Week, US Constitution Center, The Week Junior.

Thank you to all those who have responded.

School Focus Groups

We work with selected partners to extend and deepen discussion and gather more detailed feedback from young people on key VoteTopics.

We recently ran focus groups on:

  • Focus Group on Knife Crime for The Times
  • Focus Group on Cyber Security
  • Focus Group on The Black Curriculum

Youth Advisory Board

We want to hear what young people have to say so we facilitate online meetings where they can tell us in person.
Find out more about our Youth Advisory Board here.

Here are some of the things our Youth Advisory Board shared with us:

  • “I think it is important that we keep reminding people about internet safety because the internet is always changing, and we need to stay safe online”
  • “The amount of diversity is limited in history as a whole; there is a lack of coverage of world history, cultures, and key events – this is not to say that we should not cover UK/British history, but it should be done in conjunction with the world more broadly.”

Partners and Friends

Our previous partner projects.

The Big Ask

The new Children’s Commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza, launched The Big Ask- the biggest ever survey of children, so she can tell the government what they need to live happy lives. We were delighted to be able to support this project with resources for teachers to introduce The Big Ask to their children and young people; as well as some of our debate resources from our archives to help teachers have discussions about issues raised in the survey.

If you want to find out more about our partnerships and impact work, have any questions or want to get involved, please email us.

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