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Our Impact

How young people's voices are changing the world

Young People changing the world

We are passionate about our children's voices having an impact on practice and policy- to really make a mark on their world. In addition to amplifying our weekly results, we work with a range of long-term partners who help elevate those voices to a whole new level. Just take a look at some of our recent projects and the impact that they have had:

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Sponsor a School

Help more young people learn about democracy & make their voices heard by sponsoring schools to get involved! You'll also have the opportunity to meet a socially diverse range of young people to support their future!

Feedback to our voters

Sign up to our friends list and we'll contact you when we vote on a topic realting to your expertise. You'll have the opportunity to review the data and feedback to young people!

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If you'd like to know what young people think about a certain topic, we may be able to help. With your expertise, we'll work together to educate young people on the topic at hand and see how they feel about it.

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