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Do we underestimate the impact of food banks?

02nd-09th December

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In the last year, there were nearly 3 million emergency food parcels handed out by Trussell Trust food banks. This is more than doubling of what it was five years ago.

Behind the shocking statistics of food poverty in the UK, there are the individual stories of parents skipping meals so their children can eat. Or the Free School Meal being the only time a child is guaranteed a meal.

Driven by the double digit inflation rises on food, many people in the UK were forced to make tough decisions. Food banks act as the barrier between poverty and starvation. Particularly at Christmas time where they face an increase in demand for emergency parcels.

As we approached the festive period, our voters considered the necessity of food banks for so many people, particularly given the cost of living crisis. They explored the meaning of community and how important it is in times of need.

young child

Primary school


"We think people are very generous while others are in need because they need help and it makes people feel good to help others."



Greater London

“We underestimate their impact, but the Government need to step up and help those most in need as is their duty.”

young adult shrugging their shoulders


West Yorkshire

"I think food banks are slept on quite a bit by the government, and they need to step up. I think they are more important than the government gives them credit for."

72% of 5-11 year olds believe that people are more generous in times of need

  • Our 5-11 year old pupils were discussing generosity in times of need.
  • The results swayed heavily towards 'Yes' for whether people are more generous in times of need.
  • In the comments, many pupils said that times of need bring people together and there's more likely to be awareness around who is in need.
77% of 11-16+ year olds think that we underestimate the impact of food banks

  • Our 11+ aged students discussed the impact of food banks this week.
  • 77% voted that we underestimate this impact.
  • In the comments, there was a common theme of students asking the government to 'step up' and recognise how many people are in need of food banks.

Overall Results

72% of 5-11 year olds voted people are more generous in times of need. 77% of 11-16 year olds and 79% of 16+ year olds voted that we underestimate the impact of food banks.

Feedback from our Impact Partners

This week, our voter's voices were heard by a range of national and local food banks and community charities.

Alice Handelman-Pedroza, Schools & Young People Programme Manager at the Felix Project, recorded two responses for the young people. Have a look at them below.

The Felix Project is a London-based charity that takes unsold food and delivers it to schools and charities to help provide nutritious meals.