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Are extreme right-wing views persuasive to young people?

19th - 26th May 2023

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A rise in right-wing extreme views have taken hold in some sections of today’s young people. This had led to a counter-terror policing expert saying that far-right terrorists are getting younger. With a shocking annual rise in the number and percentage of people arrested for terror offences being under the age of 18.

These worrying trends are also against a backdrop of controversy around the strategies and schemes to help deter young people away from terrorism.

This VoteTopic took a closer look at some examples of extreme viewpoints and how they are persuasive to young people. Voters also had the opportunity to look at some of the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that lead to extremism and radicalisation.



"You can mostly recognise when somebody has extreme views because they might be showing anger or could be doing something rude but I also think because it could be on the internet instead of real life."



"Some young people are gullible and easily influenced. However, the majority of us know what's morally right from wrong; I think the world needs to give us more credit for that.”

young adult


"We realised that many of these views are horrible, but that they can be argued for in a powerful way that does often successfully convince people."

89% of those aged 5-7 said they respect views that are different to their own.

  • Our youngest group of voters (aged between 5-7) were answering the question: "Do you respect views that are different to yours?"
  • This question had the greatest 'Yes' majority of the week, with 89% voting that they do.
79% of those aged between 7-11 said they can recognise when someone has extreme views.

  • Our older Primary voters (aged 7-11) were answering the question, "Can you recognise when someone has extreme views?"
  • 79% voted that they can.
  • In the comments, many voters said that extreme language choices can often be a clear sign. They also said that being aware of what people are doing and looking at online can help you recognise those with extreme views.
  • Some argued that it can be difficult to tell because people with extreme views often take care to hide their views if they don't think they will be tolerated.
54% of those aged 11-16 and 53% of those aged 16+ believe that right-wing views are persuasive to young people.

  • Our Secondary, 16+ and College voters were all considering the question, "Are extreme right-wing views persuasive to young people?"
  • The Secondary vote had a 54% 'Yes' outcome and the 16+ & College vote was similarly divided at 53% 'Yes'.
  • Many in the comments argued that young people are impressionable and keen to fit in, making them more susceptible to extreme views, particularly online.
  • However, we also received many comments from voters who believe right-wing views are outdated and not attractive to young people. They argued that their generation is largely liberal in its mindset and so not easily persuaded by the extreme right-wing.