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Are you interested in Harry and Meghan?

20th - 27th January 2023

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For about a month in December 2022 to January 2023, Prince Harry and Meghan were everywhere. A Netflix documentary to a book, Spare, the whole world was hearing what the couple had to say after they were no longer front line royals.

Everyone, Piers Morgan included, seems to have formed really strong opinions on them. Or at least there has been a nearly unlimited amount of TV time, social media clicks and column inches detailed to each and every breath they take.

Our voters considered whether they themselves really cared about Harry and Meghan.

Meanwhile, our age 5-11 voters discussed the meaning of disrespect and considered how easy it is to recognise when someone is being disrespectful towards themselves or others.

young child


"You can't always know if something is disrespectful if you haven't seen the whole incident."



“The Royal Family seems to be a very popular topic on the news but it isaimed at older people than us. We don’t find this relevant as to us they are just another famous family.”

young boy smiling


“Maybe if the media didn't force feed news stories about Meghan and Harry, the news would have space for real stories like the cost of living crisis, transgender rights [...] and the crisis currently in the NHS."

94% of 11-16 year olds voted that they were not interested in Harry and Meghan updates.

  • There was quite a decisive results amongst our Secondary students, with just 6% revealing that they were interested in updates about Harry and Meghan.
10% of 16+ voters voted 'Yes' to the question are you interested in Harry and Meghan?

  • Similarly, 90% of 16+ and College voters said 'No' to the question, "Are you interested in Harry and Meghan?"
92% of 5-11 year olds said that 'Yes', they recognise the signs of disrespect towards themselves and others.

  • Our 5-11 pupils were discussing a slightly different topic this week.
  • 92% said they were able to recongise what disrespect looks like.
  • Some comments mentioned that it's easier to recognise when it involves strangers than friends.
  • Equally, one pupil said you need to know the full story to say for sure if something is disrespectful or not.
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