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Do tourists need to think about local communities when they travel?

03rd - 10th May 2024

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With May half term and the summer break on the horizon, voters discussed the responsibilities we have as visitors when we travel to new places.

Secondary, 16+ & College voters were asked: “Do tourists need to think about local communities when they travel?”, while Primary 7-11 voters discussed: “Should tourists be more respectful when they travel?” and Primary 5-7 voters considered: “Is it easy to be a visitor?”

42,991 young people in the UK have taken part in this vote.

Tourists & Locals child

Age 5-11 voter

I think tourists need to be more respectful as they are ruining the local area. Some tourists aren't thinking about the people around them. I think yes because lots of tourists attractions are filled with litter.

Tourists & Locals teen

Age 11-16 voter

By being a tourist you are supporting local businesses and supporting the growth of the economy in the area.

Tourists & Locals student

Age 11-16 voter

Local people need homes so it's not fair for tourists to buy holiday homes and increase house prices.

Feedback from our Impact Partners...

Thank you to Simon Calder for responding to young people's voices on this VoteTopic!

90% of 7-11-year olds said that tourists should be more respectful when travelling.

  • Primary pupils aged between 5-7 were asked, "Is it easy to be a visitor?" 66% voted 'Yes'.
  • Those aged 7-11 were discussing, "Should tourists be more respectful when they travel?" 90% vote 'Yes'.
81% of Secondary students agreed, stating that tourists need to consider local communities when they travel.

  • Secondary, College and 16+ students were asked, "Do tourists need to think about local communities when they travel?"
  • 81% of Secondary students and 88% of College & 16+ students voted 'Yes'.
Many argued that tourists should take time to understand the different rules, regulations and customs of the places they are visiting.

  • Many argued that tourists need to do their research before travelling so that they know how to respect the culture of the local people.
  • Some students who voted 'No' argued that tourists bring a lot of money to the areas they visit and therefore, should be able to enjoy themselves without having to worry about rules or expectations.