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Does the Coronation reflect the UK today?

21st - 28th April 2023

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There are many words that come to mind when thinking about the coronation ceremony. Gilded. Regal. Opulent. Historic. Pompous. Contemporary? Disconnected?

Perhaps not. With King Charles III’s intention to have a slimmed down monarchy and for that to be reflected in the ceremony perhaps the expectation is that it reflects the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth today. With some of the elements of the ceremony dipping back over 1000 years it might be hard to think that it can relate the highs and lows of twenty-first century Britain.

To mark the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III, young people considered the event's significance and whether or not it sufficiently sums up the values, issues, and identities of contemporary Britain. Young people aged 5-11 looked at the different ways it will be celebrated and discussed how they felt about the occasion.

young child

Age 5-11

I feel excited to see it because I haven't seen a Coronation before. I'm looking forward to a family party.


Age 11-16

We think that we are spending far too much money on the Coronation, it’s disgusting when so many people are living in poverty. On the other hand, we wouldn’t mind celebrating the monarchy more if it meant extra bank holidays!


Age 16+

No. I'm not interested in the coronation at all. I don't care about all of their gold and their wealth. Our entire group feel the coronation is something that is of no interest or relevance to their life.

71% of those aged 11-16 said that the Coronation does not reflect the UK today.

  • Voters aged 11+ were discussing how much the Coronation is a reflection of UK culture and identity.
  • The majority of those aged between 11 and 16, at 71%, voted 'No'.
  • Despite this, many voters said they were excited about having another bank holiday.
  • However, a main theme in the comments was one of indifference, with lots of young people arguing that the Coronation only appeals to an older generation.
54% of those aged between 5-11 voted that they are interested in the Coronation.

  • Voters aged between 5 and 11 were discussing whether they were interested in the Coronation.
  • The results were more positive, with just over half voting 'Yes' and many comments sharing excitement at the prospect of street parties and family gatherings.
  • With the Queen's Jubilee celebrations taking place in 2022, where many schools organised parties, it is likely that Primary aged children have fond memories of royal celebrations.
  • Equally, a few voters explained that it was a historical occasion that some people would only experience once in a lifetime and for that reason, it is of interest.
  • There were a similar number of 'No' votes and comments however, with some children arguing that there are more important things to be focusing on.
80% of those aged 16+ agreed with the majority of those aged 11-16, that the Coronation does not reflect the UK today.

  • The greatest 'No' majority came from 16+ & College students, with 80% voting that the Coronation does not reflect the UK today.
  • Many of the comments we received mentioned the Royal Family's extreme wealth and how it is out of touch with the UK's reality.
Concerns about money were frequently voiced, particularly during a cost of living crisis.

  • The most common argument for voting 'No' this week was in regards to the money being spent on the occasion.
  • Many young people referenced the cost of living crisis and explained that it was unjustified to spend such a large sum on a Coronation when so many people are struggling to afford basic necessities.
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