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Environment & climate change

Find out more about our topics relating to global warming, weather & climate, and nature & ecosystems

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New Oil fields Cover Image

Should the UK open new oil fields?

06th - 13th October 2023

With conservations about net zero heating up, voters considered the Government's responses to opening a new oil field at Rosebank, off the Shetland Islands.

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electronic waste piled up at landfill

Do we need to change our attitudes towards recycling e-waste?

In celebration of Zero Waste Week (4th-8th September), voters explored the mounting problem of e-waste and considered different ways of tackling the problem. This VoteTopic marked the beginning of the 2023/24 school year!

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sewage being spilled into water

Do you care about our waterways and seas being clean?

Following World Oceans Day and recent debate around the amount of sewage being pumped into our waters, voters explored our waterways and seas, and the dirty secrets that lie beneath.

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A turtle swims through the ocean as plastic floats down around them.

Should more be done to protect our oceans?

To mark Earth Day, our voters took a closer look at some environmental actions being taken and considered whether enough is being done to protect our oceans. The recently signed High Seas Treaty has made headlines globally, and the decisions to protect areas of the high seas have been over a decade in the making.

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A parent and their child picking fruit at the supermarket

Are UK supermarkets doing enough to tackle food waste?

24th February - 03rd March 2023

Ahead of Food Waste Action Week (6th-12th March), voters considered the action being taken by UK supermarkets to tackle this ever-growing problem. In the lessons, they explored what is being done and how – if at all – this might be improved.

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A person with shopping bags walking along a high street

Are fashion brands choosing trends over the environment?

23rd - 30th September 2022

As fashion brands are faced with mounting pressure from consumers and activists to improve the sustainability of their products, our students explored the environmental impact of fast fashion and the effectiveness of different sustainability ventures within the industry. With this information, our students considered whether fashion brands are wholly committed and doing enough to improve the sustainability of their clothing.

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