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Do you learn during history months?

26th January - 02nd February 2024

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5-11 votes


11-16+ votes

To coincide with the beginning of LGBT+ History Month, voters explored what they learn during awareness events and why we celebrate them. They also considered whether they might gain a greater understanding of the diversity in our society if they focused on these topics at different points in the year, or in a more consistent way.

Primary 7-11, Secondary, 16+ & College voters were asked: “Do you learn during history months?” while Primary 5-7 voters discussed: “Do history months help us to understand other people?”

History Months Child Voter

Age 5-11

"I believe we learn alot from history months we might be able to learn more but we still have other subjects to learn about."

History Months Teen Voter

Age 11-16

"I would learn better if everything was spread throughout the year: then we could learn about more than just one or two examples that always come up year after year."

History Months Student Voter

Age 16+

"We think that there is a lot that we would like to learn and there is too much to learn in just one month and we would like the focus to be more spread out through the year."

78% of 5-7-year olds said that history months help us to understand other people.

  • Our youngest voters, aged between 5-7, were voting on the question, "Do history months help us to understand other people?"
  • Almost 4 out of every 5 voters said 'Yes'.
67% of voters aged 11+ said they don't learn during history months.

  • Voters aged 7 and above were answering the question, "Do you learn during history months?"
  • 67% of Secondary, College and 16+ students voted 'No'. You can find a further breakdown at the end of this page.
voters aged 7-11 were almost split with 51% voting 'No' and 49% voting 'Yes'.

  • Older Primary pupils, aged between 7-11 were split on the question, "Do you learn during history months?"
Many argued that it would be beneficial to spread out the learning throughout the year.

  • Many young people argued that history months can be important, however from an educational perspective, it is more beneficial to spread the learning throughout the school year.
  • Some young people also said that this could prevent repetition and encourage schools to teach a wide range of historical figures and events.