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Is it time to call a general election?

20th October - 03rd November 2023

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11-16+ votes

Ahead of Parliament Week in November, voters considered the timeline for the upcoming general election and whether it should be brought forward. They discussed the current representation in Parliament, mandates, and the major issues facing the UK Government at the moment.

Primary 7-11, Secondary, 16+ & College voters were asked: “Is it time to call a general election?”, while Primary 5-7 voters discussed: “Is it good to change who is in charge?”


Age 5-11 voter

"Rishi Sunak has only had a year, we should give him a bit more time before we judge him."


Age 5-11 voter

"The Conservatives are not looking after everyone - just the wealthy. The prices are too high and it is not fair on everyone."


Age 11-16 voter

"Change will make a positive difference as we will feel listened to and not have a party to govern who have had no experience of working class challenges."

young adult

Age 16+ voter

"We believe that a shake up in government will mostly hinder the important issues that we currently face. Many of our group expressed disinterest and dissatisfaction with the whole of politics."

68% of young people (aged 7-16+_ said they want a general election.

  • You can find these results broken down by Primary, Secondary, College & 16+ at the end of this page.
  • Secondary students had the greatest 'Yes' majority, at 69%
78% of 5-7-year-olds said it is a good thing to change who is in charge.

  • Our youngest pupils were discussing a different question this week: "Is it good to change who is in charge?"
Just under one third of voters (aged 7-16+) voted 'No', with many arguing it could cause instability.

  • This still meant that almost one third of voters aged 7+ voted 'No' to the question, "Is it time to call a general election?"
  • The most common reason given for this was that it would cause instability.
"It's time for change!" (Secondary voter)

  • Most voters were in favour of calling a general election now, with many arguing that the general public should have a chance to vote for the person in charge.
  • Some voters also expressed frustration about the cost of living crisis and inflation rates.