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Should school holidays be redistributed?

08th - 15th December 2023

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11-16+ votes

Following news from the Senedd that Wales’ academic year could be altered in favour of a shorter summer break, this week voters offered their views on the redistribution of time off. They thought about the different factors at play when it comes to school holidays, and the impact of these on them, their learning, and their caregivers.

School Holidays VT child

Age 5-11 voter

"We should spread out the summer holidays and not have 6 weeks, maybe 5, so we can have an extra week off in the winter. For example, 3 weeks off for Christmas."

School Holidays VT teen

Age 11-16 voter

"We believe the holidays should stay the same but holiday companies should not take advantage of families by hiking prices up during holidays."

School Holidays VT Student

Age 16+ voter

"Why change things when they work ok now? We like the holidays and look forward to them. Our opinions may be different in a few years when our priorities have changed."

75% of Secondary, 16+ & College students voted 'No' to whether the school holidays should be redistributed.

  • Three-quarters of Secondary, 16+ & College students voted 'No' to the question, "Should school holidays be redistributed?"
  • For a further breakdown, see the chart at the bottom of this page.
54% of 5-11-year olds said the school holidays should not be spread out

  • Just over 50% of Primary pupils voted 'No' to the question, "Should school holidays be spread out?"
  • There was a mix of opinions in the comments we received. Some pupils argued the autumn term is too long and to be broken up with a longer holiday.
Some argued that they were already familiar with the current holiday system and changed things would be too complicated.

  • Most young people voted 'No' this week, with many arguing it would be too complicated to change things now that everyone is used to the current format.
  • Some said a four-day working week would be more beneficial.