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Should violence against shop workers be made its own law across the UK?

23rd February - 01st March 2024

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5-11 votes


11-16+ votes

Young people explored the rise in instances of violence against shop workers across the UK in recent months, and the action recently taken by the Scottish Government to make this its own offence. During the lessons, they considered the current statistics around shoplifting and other activity, before deciding whether changing the law is the best course of action.

Shop worker safety child

Age 5-11 voter

There isn't anything else we can put in place, and we can put the money towards something more beneficial like education or helping the homeless.

Shop worker safety teen

Age 11-16 voter

Due to the rising numbers of crimes against retail workers, introducing a specific law could be a good measure to protect workers in this sector. However, our law and British constitution should mean that violence and abuse towards ANYONE is unacceptable and should be prosecuted.

Shop worker safety student

Age 16+ voter

It should be more to protect key workers not just retail. This way it would cover all key workers.

86% of 7-11-year-olds said that more could be done to keep shop workers safe.

  • Voter aged 5-7 were discussing the question, "Do you know how to act in a shop?" 92% voted 'Yes'.
  • Voters aged 7-11 were considering, "Could more be done to keep shop workers safe?"
  • 86% argued that 'Yes', more could be done.
66% of those aged 11-18+ argued that violence against shop workers should be made its own law across the UK.

  • Secondary, College and 16+ students were discussing, "Should violence against shop workers be made its own law across the UK?"
  • 66% voted 'Yes'.
Many argued that there should be laws in place to protect all workers from violence.

  • Interestingly, voters on both sides of the argument argued that laws should be in place that encompass all workers.
  • However, they differed on whether a separate law is needed to protect shop workers specifically.
  • The majority argued in favour of this but some argued it was unnecessary.