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Should energy drinks be banned for under-16s?

28th June - 05th July 2024

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For this VoteTopic, voters explored the not-so-sweet side of energy drinks and whether they should be banned for young people, as per the Labour Party's manifesto pledge. At its heart, this topic had a bigger question, which was about choice and agency for under-18s. So long as they're armed with the relevant information to make choices about their health, should they not be allowed to decide how they spend their money? Or should their choice be restricted like it would be about alcohol or tobacco products?

Primary 7-11, Secondary, 16+ & College voters were asked: “Should energy drinks be banned for under-16s?”, while Primary 5-7 voters considered: “Do you know when you have had too much sugar?"

29,673 young people in the UK have taken part in this vote.

Under-16s Phones Child

Age 5-11 voter

"I think that energy drinks should be banned because it has a big effect on young people's health.”

Under-16s Phone Teenager

Age 11-16 voter

"They should not be banned because if you are 15 and play lots of sport, you might need an energy boost from the drinks."

Under-16s Phones Student

Age 16+ voter

"I think that under-16s should have a say as the more you say 'no', the more they will go against you but if given a say in the matter they will feel as though their opinion is being heard."

52% of 7-11-year olds were against banning energy drinks for under-16s.

  • 74% of 5-7-year olds voted 'Yes' to the question, "Do you know when you've had too much sugar?"
  • 7-11-year-olds were discussing the question, "Should energy drinks be banned for under-16s?"
  • 52% voted 'No'.
78% of Secondary students agreed, voting 'No' to the question, "Should energy drinks be banned for under-16s?"

  • Secondary students were exploring the question, "Should energy drinks be banned for under-16s?"
  • 78% voted 'No'.
  • 65% of 16+ & College students voted 'No' to the same question.
Many young people argued they should be able to decide what they consume for themselves.

  • The majority of young people who voted on whether energy drinks should be banned said 'No'.
  • Many said they should be able to decide for themselves and that banning something often adds to its allure.
  • Some 'No' voters disagreed and said the negative health implications were reason enough to ban them for under-16s. Some called for energy drinks to be banned altogether for this reason.