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National Student Voice Awards Winners 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 National Student Voice Awards winners!

Certificate for Kettering Buccleuch

Kettering Buccleuch

“Student Voice is really part of the fabric of the school. […] The school is making a safe, supportive place for students to speak up.”

To say Kettering Buccleuch’s application was extensive would be an understatement! They have worked hard to make sure student voice is heard in all aspects of their school and celebrate both staff and students who are helping to make this happen. Their students clearly see that their voices can and do make a difference.

Certificate for Goldolphin Junior Academy

Goldolphin Junior Academy

“Love their emphasis on relaying quieter voices up the chain, so they are heard at the higher level. The benefits to student confidence are clear.”

The Godolphin Junior Academy’s dedication to gathering pupil feedback shows how powerful student voice can be when accessible to everyone. Their hard work to embed and celebrate student voice in their school has profoundly impacted their pupils’ confidence and oracy skills, both inside and outside the classroom.

Certificate for Cozzie

Cozzie, West Sussex

“This person really is a massive game changer to our country, honestly.“

Cozzie’s application, submitted by her teacher, stood out to our judges immediately. She has worked hard, both in and out of school, to raise awareness for Neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ issues, environmental causes, and women in STEM. Her work on each of these projects is impressive on its own – combined, it is truly awe-inspiring.

Certificate for Diya

Diya, London

“I feel like they’ve used their voice in an impactful way that is not only beneficial for themselves but for others.”

Diya’s caring and generous nature really comes out in her application. From her efforts in the school council to her commitment to supporting local food banks and donating to charities, Diya is using her voice to positively impact the world around her!

Outwood Grange Academy won our Silver Award for Secondary Schools

Boundary Oak School won our Silver Award for Primary Schools

Outwood Academy Hemsworth won our Bronze Award for Secondary Schools

New Valley Primary School won our Bronze Award for Primary Schools

Thomas from Essex won our Silver Award for Secondary Students

Toniloba from London won our Silver Award for Primary Students

Maddie from West Sussex won our Bronze Award for Secondary Students

Rieyen from London won our Bronze Award for Primary Students

Special mention

Special mention certificate to Shenley Fields Daycare

Shenley Fields Daycare & Nursery School

Our youngest application ever! Shenley Fields truly shows that you’re never too young for your voice to make a difference. It warms our hearts to see the dedication that goes into empowering our children right from the start of their educational journey.

A massive thank you to our 2023 judges!

photograph of Kim

Kim Leadbeater

Member of Parliament

Kim Leadbeater, Labour MP for Batley and Spen, grew up in the constituency, graduated with a First Class degree, and was an Ambassador for the Jo Cox Foundation before being elected to Parliament.

Photograph of Vanessa

Vanessa Harriss

The Week Junior

Vanessa Harriss is the editor of The Week Junior, a multi-award-winning news magazine for young and curious readers. She joined the team as production editor in 2015 and played a key role in setting the magazine's tone of voice. With 25 years of experience, Vanessa has worked for top publications like TIME, Vogue, and Wired.

Photograph of Rico

Rico-Thai Richards

I Have A Voice CIC

Rico is a Youth Ambassador and former Deputy Chair of the London Youth Assembly. He's currently taking his gap year, but this September he's going to study law at Bloomsbury Institute.

Photograph of Helen

Helen Carroll

The Co-operative

Helen is the Head of Community Strategy and Engagement at The Co-operative Group, responsible for developing community strategy across all business divisions, and a Chair of Governors for Co-op Academy Belle View, one of 29 schools in the Co-op Academies Trust.

Photograph of Olga


Save The Children YAB

Olga is a 19-year-old student who has been a member of Save The Children's Youth Advisory Board for the past two years. The Board is made up of 18 young people from across the UK and ensures that young people's voices are heard within the charity. She is particularly interested in education and climate justice.

photograph of Kate

Kate Harris


Kate is the co-founder and CEO of VotesforSchools. She taught for a number of years in the secondary sector during which she was a school senior leader heading up the community cohesion strategy. Kate has a passion for student voice and making politics relevant to young people.