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How to get started with VotesforSchools

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions please get in touch at info@votesforschools.com.

QHow do we access the resources?

Our weekly VoteTopic gets sent to all subscribers by email every Thursday afternoon. You can also login to our voting portal and download the resources here: https://voice.votesforschools.com/login/teacher

QHow do we vote?

You can vote on our online voting platform by logging in via your teacher account here: https://voice.votesforschools.com/login/teacher.

Check out our support page for more information.

QWhat is included in the VotePack?

Each VotePack includes:

  • An Assembly
  • 15 Minute Lesson and Plan (secondary and collage subscription only)
  • 45 Minute Lesson and Plan (for primary packages we deliver this in a KS1 and KS2 format)
  • 16+ Lesson and plan (secondary and college subscription only)
  • Cross Curricular Activities
  • Curriculum Guide
  • Home Information Sheet
QHow can we get parents and carers involved?

Many of our schools include their VoteTopic title in their weekly newsletter, as well as publishing the results of each VoteTopic there.

For more ideas on how to get parents and carers involved please contact us.

QWhen are the resources released?

Resources are released every Thursday afternoon, via the email address you use to subsrcibe to VotesforSchools.

QWhen can we vote on a topic?

You can vote on the topic as soon as we release it every Thursday.

QDo you have any past topics?

Yes, your subscription allows access to every VoteTopic since your subscription started. If you need a lesson pack on a specific subject then get in touch as info@votesforschools.com and we'll be happy to help.

Check out our youtube channel

The videos below tell you how to get started using VoteforSchools and how to vote on our system.

We have a dedicated YouTube with much more information.

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