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British Values Assembly | Primary & Secondary

Helpful ideas and free PowerPoint presentation

We all know how crucial it is to instill those British Values in our students' hearts and minds. Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance are the building blocks of a strong and inclusive society. And what better way to get these values across than through a good old British Values Assembly? In this blog post, we're diving into the nitty-gritty of these assemblies, with practical ideas and resources that'll make them hit home.

Why We Need British Values Assemblies

Whether you're in primary or secondary education, these assemblies provide an opportunity to instill British Values in a memorable way. It's about educating our students on what keeps our society running, helping them feel connected to it, and celebrating the rich diversity that characterizes modern Britain.

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British Values Assembly Ideas

Now, let's explore some ideas for those British Values Assemblies:

  1. A Dive into History: Take a journey through history to explore how British Values evolved. Highlight historical figures like suffragettes and civil rights champions who shaped the values we hold dear today.

  2. Role-Play Scenarios: Set up interactive scenarios for students to act out – situations where British Values come into play. It's a hands-on way to understand how these principles work.

  3. Arts and Culture Showcase: Put British art, music, literature, and culture in the spotlight. Use performances, art displays, or music to immerse students in the essence of these values.
  4. Celebrate Local Heroes: Shine a light on local initiatives or individuals who embody British Values in their work. It's all about inspiring your students to be active in their communities.
  5. Quiz Time: Test your students' British Values knowledge with fun quizzes. A British Values PowerPoint presentation can make it visually appealing and engaging.

British Values Assembly PowerPoint

Our free PowerPoint presentation is like a British Values crash course – perfect for kickstarting your assembly or classroom discussion.

British Values Assembly | Primary

British Values Assembly | Secondary

Teaching young minds to embrace British Values is a mission worth every bit of effort. Whether you're a primary school pro or a secondary school sage, these assemblies can shape future citizens and bring unity to the table. Use our free resources, get creative with ideas, and ignite that British Values spirit in your students. Watch them grow into thoughtful, responsible members of society.

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