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Classroom Conversations

Guiding you through all of the tricky topics in teaching

Part of VotesforSchools' Teacher Toolkit Series

many colourful disposable vapes

Teaching about Vaping: Lesson, plan & Assembly

In light of recent government plans to crack down on vaping among young people and as ministers are set to ban single use vapes over child addiction fears, vaping remains a topic all teachers are having to face. Find out more here:

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Young person with hand up in class

Approaching British Values and Prevent in the Classroom

Join Abdul as he discusses approaching the topic of Prevent, extremism and radicalisation in the classroom.

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Illustration representing misogyny

Talking about misogyny, incel culture & Andrew Tate

Talking to young people about misogyny can be a tightrope for teachers, balancing sensitivity with the impassionate responses from some class members. However, with the rise of Andrew Tate's influence on young people, this conversation is more important than ever.

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Children with raised hands in class

How to move from mainstream teaching to special educational needs

Chris talks about his career shift from motion graphics to teaching students with Special Educational Needs. Read the full story here:

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illustration of different people's silhouettes

What are Protected Characteristics in Education?

The term 'Protected Characteristics' first made its appearance in The Equality Act 2010 which defined nine protected characteristics that are protected from discrimination... but what does this mean for schools? This article will get you and your school up to speed.

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children talking

What is Oracy?

Enhance classroom talk with tools and techniques to develop oracy skills. Explore its importance, integration into the curriculum, and strategies for primary and secondary schools.

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child in uniform with school council badges on blazer

Empowering Pupil Voice: A Guide to Setting Up and Running an Effective School Council

A Guide to Setting Up & Running an Effective School Council

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young girl looking at bookcase

Using books to discuss challenging topics in the classroom

From age-appropriate discussions to promoting critical thinking, stories are our secret tool. Explore our book recommendations and empower your students through the magic of storytelling.

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silhouette of person thinking

Teaching about Mental Health in Schools

The government plans to have senior mental health leads in all schools by 2025 to oversee support provision and reduce the strain on teachers, but how can you teach it in the meantime?

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Children in school uniforms with their hands up

Encouraging quiet children to speak out in class

Every class will have a wide range of different personalities, interests and needs. As teachers, we try our best to get to know all of our pupils and meet these needs, but every teacher will also know that sometimes it's the quiet ones that are the hardest to bring out of their shell and make their voices heard in class.

Here are some tips that might just help you encourage the quieter children in your classroom to speak out:

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Conversational speech bubbles representing difficult conversations in school

Dealing with Controversial Conversations in the Classroom

As teachers, we're used to explaining things - but what about the questions that catch you off guard? Or the debates that spring up from nowhere? This guide to dealing with controversial conversations in the classroom will ensure that you're always prepared for those tricky topics to arrive.

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Child friendly representation of sperm and egg

A teacher's tips for sex and relationship lessons in Key Stage 2

Sex and relationships is one of those topics that has given teachers many a sleepless night, especially when faced with a chatty Year 6 class! Here one of the VotesforSchools's team reflects on five things that have helped their teaching, which we hope might make the process a little easier for others.

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a chess board

Tackling Online Extremism: The Role of Teachers and Parents in Protecting Young People

Kate, our CEO, talks about inviting young people into the conversation around online extremism

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balance board of male and female symbols

Talking about Consent in KS3 and beyond

Aside from using the well-known 'Cup of Tea' video, how do you talk to young people about the nuances of consent? It's all covered here.

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a chess board representing conflict of interest

Balancing Impartiality and Passion in Teaching Politics

Politics teacher Dan goes against the grain and encourages teachers to share their political opinions when teaching politics to students. Here's why..

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