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Classroom Conversations

Guiding you through all of the tricky topics in teaching

Part of VotesforSchools' Teacher Toolkit Series

Dealing with Controversial Conversations in the Classroom

As teachers, we're used to explaining things - but what about the questions that catch you off guard? Or the debates that spring up from nowhere? This guide to dealing with controversial conversations in the classroom will ensure that you're always prepared for those tricky topics to arrive.

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Talking about misogyny, incel culture & Andrew Tate

Talking to young people about misogyny can be a tightrope for teachers, balancing sensitivity with the impassionate responses from some class members. However, with the rise of Andrew Tate's influence on young people, this conversation is more important than ever.

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A teacher's tips for sex and relationship lessons in Key Stage 2

Sex and relationships is one of those topics that has given teachers many a sleepless night, especially when faced with a chatty Year 6 class! Here one of the VotesforSchools's team reflects on five things that have helped their teaching, which we hope might make the process a little easier for others.

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Talking about Consent in KS3 and beyond

Aside from using the well-known 'Cup of Tea' video, how do you talk to young people about the nuances of consent? It's all covered here.

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Teaching about Mental Health in Schools

The government plans to have senior mental health leads in all schools by 2025 to oversee support provision and reduce the strain on teachers, but how can you teach it in the meantime?

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Encouraging quiet children to speak out in class

Every class will have a wide range of different personalities, interests and needs. As teachers, we try our best to get to know all of our pupils and meet these needs, but every teacher will also know that sometimes it's the quiet ones that are the hardest to bring out of their shell and make their voices heard in class.

Here are some tips that might just help you encourage the quieter children in your classroom to speak out:

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How to cool off from teacher burnout

Teacher workload is heavier than ever, with many leaving the profession. To help support you, Dr. Kevin Leichtman from TLC Educate joined us to talk about teacher burnout and the ways you can tackle it.

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5 key historical moments in Black British History

Whether it's for Black History Month, a series of history lessons, or a closer look at your curriculum, teaching Black History often leads to lessons around American historical figures. This post highlights 5 key historical moments in Black British History for you to cover with your class.

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What are Protected Characteristics in Education?

The term 'Protected Characteristics' first made its appearance in The Equality Act 2010 which defined nine protected characteristics that are protected from discrimination... but what does this mean for schools? This article will get you and your school up to speed.

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Tackling Online Extremism: The Role of Teachers and Parents in Protecting Young People

Kate, our CEO, talks about inviting young people into the conversation around online extremism

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Balancing Impartiality and Passion in Teaching Politics

Politics teacher Dan goes against the grain and encourages teachers to share their political opinions when teaching politics to students. Here's why..

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