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06 Oct 2022

All of the Ofsted Cribsheets, including Personal Development

The Ofsted crib sheets taking Twitter by storm: a Complete Collection

What are 'Ofsted crib sheets?'

In October 2022 a storm broke out across the Educational Twitter landscape around a set of 'crib sheets' that Ofsted inspectors reportedly use as a form of 'checklist' for school inspections. Each sheet related to a different curriculum area and appears to shows how Ofsted assess each individual area of the curriculum.

For Secondary English, the sheet shared online reads: This document has been created to support Inspectors undertaking a deep dive in English and includes assessment questions such as Is the importance of standard English explained and understood. Including its origins?

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How can I get a copy?

The majority of the Ofsted cribsheets were sourced and were shared by Paul Garvey, another advocate for pupil voice, on Twitter. You can access them in his tweet below:

Where is the Personal Development/PSHE Ofsted crib sheet?

The Ofsted crib sheet for Personal Development (PSHE, SMSC & British Values) was only ever shared in image form and not as a printable document. You can find the image here. However, the text was extremely blurry and many teachers could not use to to help them prepare for an Ofsted visit. To combat this, we've played around with photoshop to clear up the image, and have re-written the Personal Development Cribsheet as a PDF file that you can download below.

Personal Development Ofsted Cribsheet

download cribsheet

What are teachers saying?

Across Twitter, teachers reacted to the existence of these crib sheets. Many teachers stated that the system was unfair, as schools that have members of staff who are also part of Ofsted would have an unfair advantage compared to others.


Teachers were also suprised at how ‘prescriptive’ the crib sheets seemed to be, noting that this would be more difficult to prove for smaller schools where one staff member is likely to lead multiple subjects.

Others were not so surprised by the content of the crib sheets, and said that they contain the questions a teacher would expect Ofsted to be asking during an inspection.

Some educationalists urged schools not to use the Ofsted crib sheets, as they worried that they would lead to increased teacher workload.

What are Ofsted saying?

At the time of publication, Ofsted has not officially commented on the crib sheets circulating the internet, however Schools Week reported that The Confederation of School Trusts (CST) and Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) have now written to the inspectorate to demand their publication.



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