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Voter Registration Day

Get your students registered to vote with help from iVote

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What is a Voter Registration Day?

Today, only 16% of young people aged 16-17 across the UK are registered to vote.

To change this, VotesforSchools and iVote have teamed up to encourage every sixth form, college & apprenticeship provider in England to get their students registered to vote. And it couldn't be easier!

How can I get involved?

Download Resource Pack

To make your students' registration as quick and easy as possible, we've created a free resource pack, including:

  • 30-minute presentation explaining why and how to register
  • 10-minute video from young people and politicians
  • Supporting student and teacher handouts

Perfect for use in assemblies and in the classroom, the pack has everything you need to host a Voter Registration Day (or week!) for young people aged 16-19 in your setting.

Host your Voter Registration Day

With the resources ready to go, set a date for Voter Registration Day (or week!) in your setting. Then share your plans online, using the hashtag #iVoteRegistrationDay to spread the word.

You can also download this website badge to showcase your commitment to political literacy & British Values in your setting!

Let iVote know!

iVote & VotesforSchools are on a mission to get every young person in the UK registered to vote!

To help keep track of how we're doing, we're asking you to let us know how many students you got signed up in your setting. All you need to do is fill in a quick online form that you can find here.

Ready to register?

Are you ready to host your Voter Registration Day? Download the resources and get started.


Please fill in this form to access your iVote Voter Registration Day resources

Are your students registered?

iVote are keeping track of how many young people have registered to vote using these resources. Once you're ready, fill in this form to let us know how many young people your setting registered.

Student Competition

iVote is offering prizes (£100 for the winner and £25 for 4 runners-up) for the best impartial videos encouraging young people to regsiter to vote and head out to polling stations! Submissions will be shortlisted by iVote, and the top 10 videos will be voted on by a panel of public figures from across the political spectrum. Watch the video to find out more:

Looking for more resources?

VotesforSchools creates weekly resources for colleges, sixth forms and apprenticeship providers across the UK, covering all British Values, Prevent & SMSC requirements.

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What do schools say?

"Votes for Schools is a fantastic tool used skilfully by staff to engage our children in discussions around vital topics such as equality and cohesion... The resources support teachers both with workload and with a 'hook' in to some potentially challenging issues. We love it here!"


Caldmore Primary Academy

What do schools say?

"I haven't had the full Ofsted report shared with me yet which is a shame but PSHE, which a) I am in charge of and b) owes a lot of its content to VfS was rated excellent.... the VfS system is the ONLY weekly opportunity and vehicle by which PSHE is delivered in our school (the rest of PSHE comes down to our enrichment, Respect Day programmes, some aspects of our RE curriculum and assemblies all of which are ad hoc) so I can't really understate its importance: Thank you!"

Deputy Head

Bebington High School

What do schools say?

"I would like to take this moment to say what a fantastic resource VotesforSchools is - it's so invaluable for teaching and informing the children about current affairs."

Senior Leader

Thomas’s Clapham Secondary School

What do schools say?

"The VoteTopics are fun, engaging and really relevant to the young people we teach."

Head of Welfare

EPSOM College

What do schools say?

"Our Year 6 teacher told me they are having the best ever lesson using your anti-bullying resource & that she absolutely loves VotesforSchools. Our drama teacher also emailed me last week saying: "I am not sure I have ever said it but I literally love this website. It is brilliant & such a useful tool.""

Deputy Head

Parkgate Primary School

What do schools say?

"As a result of following the topics, attendance at tutor periods has increased and the feedback from staff and students is positive; they are enjoying discussing topical issues with excellent up-to-date resources."

Assistant Principal

Reigate College

What do schools say?

"VotesforColleges is brilliant. It has enabled me to develop the tutorial provision across the College to promote SMSC issues through the use of the materials, to a group of personal tutors who wouldn’t necessarily have felt equipped to deal with the subject areas ... The use of the materials over this period have proved invaluable and the quality of the resources is excellent… In fact, we had some AOC training in preparation for OFSTED and they specifically fed back on the use of VfC as a big positive!"

Head of Learner Support Services

Guernsey College of Further Education

What do schools say?

"Children punch the air when they find out it's a VfS assembly."


St Chad's Catholic Primary School

What do schools say?

"We love VotesforSchools here, it's a great platform for discussion & debating. We've had Primary schools in, Heads of other schools and UTCs and I've been plugging VotesforSchools to all of them and they're really impressed with how it works."

Head of SMSC

UTC Plymouth

What do schools say?

"My pupils say: "It's my favourite part of the week" and "I really enjoy thinking about the topics and then voting." They are now much more confident discussing each topic."

Class Teacher

Coton C of E Primary School

What do schools say?

"VotesforSchools is such an important part of our week. We display the responses from classes on a board for all to see, and we display the question in the staffroom and encourage responses from the staff!"

ARP Phase Leader and Teacher of the Deaf

Five Elms Primary School

What do schools say?

"VotesforSchools has been great for us to easily expand the areas our students think about and to help them see themselves as part of a bigger world, not just our small school."

Year 11 Teacher

Gryphon School

What do schools say?

"Having access to all the different levels from KS1-16+ allows us to differentiate in our SEN school – it is this flexibility that really works for us."

Upper School Class Teacher

Small Haven School