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The Big Help Out 2024

Lend a hand. Make a change.

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VotesforSchools has teamed up with The Big Help Out
to call on committed teachers like you
to lend a hand and help shape the next generation of volunteers.

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How can you get involved?

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Get Ready!

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30 minute assemblies

Host an assembly to share the benefits of volunteering with your school community! Help inspire them to lend a hand with you for The Big Help Out.

Note: It’s best to hold your assembly during the 2 weeks from 11th March - 22nd March to give yourselves enough time to get ready for The Big Help Out weekend. But don't worry, you can still use the assembly from 11th March onwards!

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Educator Support Sheet
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Educator Support Sheet

Get help planning with links to resources and ideas as to how you can get your students involved on The Big Help Out weekend.

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Parent & Carer newsletter

Keep parents & carers in the loop with a ready-made newsletter. Including how they can get involved, featuring special events from Guide Dogs UK, and links to The Big Help Out app.

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Let everybody know that your school has hosted a Big Help Out assembly!

Use the hashtag #TheBigHelpOut on socials.

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Get set

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In April and May, take some time to plan your Big Help Out event(s) with your students - this might be inspired by something they saw in the assembly, or an idea they came up with themselves.

Don't forget to use your Educator Support Sheet to help with this step!

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Share again!

Now you've got an idea of what you will be doing, share your plans for The Big Help Out on social media using #TheBigHelpOut.

One lucky school could be featured in mainstream media!

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Let's make it happen!

Finally, on 7th June, let's make it happen! Engage your students and take part in The Big Help Out. It's the time to see the impact of your efforts and the kindness your students can bring to your school or local area.

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Ready to start?

Dive into The Big Help Out and let's make a difference together! If you would like to find more resources or read up on The Big Help Out, visit their website.

Thanks for being a part of The Big Help Out!

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The Big Help Out Resources 2024

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