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Taking student voice further

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What are VotesforSchools partnerships?

We are passionate about our students' voices having a real impact on practice and policy, to show them that they can make a lasting mark on their world.

We are proud to work with a range of long-term partners and friends who help elevate young people's voices to a whole new level.

What impact could you have?

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Share your expertise

At VotesforSchools, our team of teachers cover a range of topics, from climate change to party politics; LGBTQ+ rights to Free School Meals. We are experts in pedagogy, and we are continually on the lookout for experts in other areas to ensure our resources are accurate and informative in an age-appropriate way.

Your name and logo will be attached to our VoteTopics, to show schools and students the support you offer.

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Show you're listening

Our students love to see that their voices are having an impact. So, as a partner, you will be the first on our list to contact when our students vote on a topic relating to your expertise.

You'll have the opportunity to review the data and feedback to young people, sharing your thoughts on what they had to say and showing them their voices are being heard by your organisation!

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Colloborate with VotesforSchools

Whether it's joining together for a VoteTopic; hiring us for a Youth Summit or commission; or even being a judge for our Student Voice Awards, there are many ways that we can work together to amplify student voices and create positive change for young people.

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Insights from young people

We often talk about issues that affect young people - votes at 16, vaping, apprenticeships, online safety, climate change - so really, shouldn't they be part of the conversation too? Our young people love to talk to our partners, sharing their own thoughts as well as insights provided by students across the country. So if you're looking to bring youth voice to the table, we can help you achieve that.

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