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Youth Advisory Boards

Giving young people a seat at the table

What are Youth Advisory Boards?

A Youth Advisory Board invites young people to share their ideas and opinions with organisations and help them understand their future talent and consumers. VotesforSchools can bring together a group of young people that are interested and engaged in what your company is doing.

They can give you relevant insights to help bring your company into their world.

Why should VotesforSchools set up your Youth Advisory Board?

The right voices for your company

VotesforSchools are already in communication with schools across the country, so we can bring together a diverse, representative group of students that are interested and engaged in the issues you're looking to discuss.

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Make the most out of your sessions

Our team is made up of former teachers who can help you set up sessions that get the most out of the young people on your board. From recruitment to schedules, cribsheets and agendas, we have systems in place to create a Youth Advisory Board that works for both you and them.

Find out what the future of your business thinks

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are our future. Our future talent; our future consumers; our future leaders. Increasingly, the younger generations are looking for companies and workplaces that align with their values - so talking directly to our younger generation is essential for bringing your company into their world.

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