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Community & Charity

Find out more about our topics relating to citizenship, community action, and charity & altruism

Do we underestimate the impact of food banks?

02nd - 09th December 2022

As we edge closer to the festive period, our voters considered the necessity of food banks for so many people, particularly given the current cost of living crisis. They explored the meaning of community and how important it is in times of need.

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Was awarding the World Cup to Qatar a mistake?

18th - 25th November 2022

As the World Cup kicks off, our voters explored the controversy that has followed it since 2010, when Qatar made a successful bid to host. They considered the human rights implications of this decision as well as the practicalities of playing in Qatar’s desert climate. Conversely, they discussed whether these conversations have a place in sporting competitions and what it means to have the first host nation from the Middle East.

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