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Crime, Justice & Extremism

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Are extreme right-wing views persuasive to young people?

19th - 26th May 2023

Following the rise in extreme right-wing views and the young people caught up in them, this VoteTopic took a closer look at some examples of extreme viewpoints and how they are persuasive to young people. Voters also had the opportunity to look at some of the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that lead to extremism and radicalisation.

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Should we blame influencers for online harm?

03rd February - 10th February 2023

To mark Safer Internet Day on 7th February 2023, our voters explored the nature and purpose of influencer culture online. They discussed how influencers make money through advertising and social media and the effects this can have on the young people who consume their content. Finally, they decided whether influencers are responsible for negative online repercussions or if online harm is outside their level of control.

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