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Health & Wellbeing

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Should we be worried about vaping?

Vaping is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in society and in particular, a growing presence in school environments. Our voters discussed whether its benefits, namely reducing the harm caused by cigarettes outweighs the potential, unknown side effects.

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Does the internet affect the way we view sex and relationships?

7th-14th October 2022

As the internet continues to grow and dominate popular attitudes and discourse, we asked Gen Z and Gen Alpha, who are growing up surrounded by the influences of the internet to weigh in on its effects. They considered the way that sex and relationships are represented on social media and in pornography and discussed how that has potentially shaped the way each are perceived in reality.

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Should learning about coping with loss & bereavement be included on the curriculum?

7th-14th January 2022

In January 2022, we were really proud to team up with The UK Commission on Bereavement to support them in their work and to ask our children how they felt about the teaching of loss and bereavement in schools.

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