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Health & Wellbeing

Find out more about our topics relating to mental wellbeing, health & medicine, and healthy relationships

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Should young people have a say on what is taught in Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)?

07th - 14th June 2024

With the Department of Education's recent announcement to review of the statutory RSE guidance, we gave voters the chance to share their views on what they currently learn about relationships.

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Stress & Play Cover Image

Would more play reduce stress?

22nd March - 05th April 2024

For Stress Awareness Month, voters considered the role of play in combating stress, and how they might be able to incorporate more of this in their day-to-day lives.

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Mental Health Cover Image

Would you feel comfortable having a conversation about your mental health?

12th - 19th January 2024

For this VoteTopic, voters explored the conversations we have around our wellbeing and decided how easy these are to have. They discussed some of the statistics around mental health in the UK today, reflected on the barriers to talking to someone about their emotions, and considered the benefits of opening up.

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Would you know how to support a friend if someone important to them died?

To mark Children’s Grief Awareness Week, voters considered what peer support looks like when it comes to bereavement. They reflected on the different actions we can take to be there for our loved ones, and considered how confident they would feel putting these into practice should they need to.

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Resilience & Failure

Are you scared of failure?

08th - 15th September 2023

In light of the Lionesses' historic World Cup run, voters explored failure and success.They considered comfort zones, fear of failure, and setbacks.

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girl smiles as mum adds sun cream to her face

Could you be better at following sun safety advice?

30th June - 07th July 2023

For this VoteTopic, voters considered the facts and myths surrounding sun safety, and reflected on what they have been doing to keep themselves healthy during the warmer weather. They also had an opportunity to consider the external influences that affect their decisions on sun protection.

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Young child hugs adult and looks content

Would more awareness help improve support for young carers?

10th - 17th March 2023

To mark Young Carers Action Day on 15th March, voters took a closer look at the role of young carers and the day-to-day responsibilities that are a reality for so many. Voters heard real-life stories from children and young people that look after loved ones and reflected on the four key actions for which young carers are campaigning.

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Woman in shared office space holds head in hands

Are we getting better at recognising burnout?

27th January - 03rd February 2023

To mark Children’s Mental Health Week this February and its theme of Let’s Connect, our voters discussed the triggers, signs and effects of burnout. They discussed how experiencing burnout can negatively impact our mental health and the importance of recognising the signs in ourselves and others. Finally, they debated whether society’s response to burnout is improving.

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Three teenagers sitting in a park with a vape and phone in their hands.

Should we be worried about vaping?

28th October - 04th November 2022

Vaping is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in society and in particular, a growing presence in school environments. Our voters discussed whether its benefits, namely reducing the harm caused by cigarettes outweighs the potential, unknown side effects.

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Birds eye view of a desk space with lots of technology scattered across it.

Does the internet affect the way we view sex and relationships?

7th-14th October 2022

As the internet continues to grow and dominate popular attitudes and discourse, we asked Gen Z and Gen Alpha, who are growing up surrounded by the influences of the internet to weigh in on its effects. They considered the way that sex and relationships are represented on social media and in pornography and discussed how that has potentially shaped the way each are perceived in reality.

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sad child grieving

Should learning about coping with loss & bereavement be included on the curriculum?

7th-14th January 2022

In January 2022, we were really proud to team up with The UK Commission on Bereavement to support them in their work and to ask our children how they felt about the teaching of loss and bereavement in schools.

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