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Are we getting better at recognising burnout?

27th January - 03rd February 2023

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To mark Children’s Mental Health Week this February and its theme of Let’s Connect, our voters discussed the triggers, signs and effects of burnout. They discussed how experiencing burnout can negatively impact our mental health and the importance of recognising the signs in ourselves and others. Finally, they debated whether society’s response to burnout is improving.

young child in thinking pose


"We don't get enough rest because school starts so early. At school the teachers are under pressure to get all the work done and so we have to work hard for a lot of the time to complete everything.”

teenager scratching their head in confusion


“We are getting better at recognising burnout but not doing enough to support people experiencing it.”

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“Recognising burnout can be easier when you have experienced it yourself. You can recognise the signs you experienced and support others when you see them exhibiting those signs. The support for burnout is better and it is more accepted now."

58% of voters aged 5 to 11 said that we don't get enough rest.

  • Voters aged 5 to 11 were voting on the question: "Do we get enough rest?"
  • Almost 60% said 'No', with many of the comments referencing long school days and a heavy work ouput.
64% of voters aged 11 to 16 said that we are not getting any better at recognising burnout symptoms

  • Voters aged 11+ were answering the question: "Are we getting better at recognising burnout?"
  • 64% of those aged 11 to 16 said 'No'.
  • A common theme in the comments this week was that, whilst burnout is discussed more readily, there are still not effective policies in place to protect and help those suffering.
53% of our 16+ voters agreed, saying 'No' to the question: "Are we getting better at recognising burnout?"

  • Similarly, our 16+ voters had a majority 'No' vote at 53%.
  • However, this was a less decisive 'No' vote, with it almost being a 50/50 split at 47% 'Yes'.
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