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Should there be strikes during the festive period?

09th - 16th December 2022

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5-11 votes


11-16+ votes

Lights on the high street. The scent of pine needles and aromatic spices. Rosy cheeks and bundled coats. Strike action. All the regulars of the festive season.

It seems as though the increasing use of strike action happens at the times when we feel it the most. Perhaps that’s the point?

There is much public outrage when it happens, but should the period be sacrosanct?

With multiple sectors currently striking or preparing to, our voters considered how strike action affects this festive time of the year. They explored the purpose of striking, why it is being discussed in the news and the impact it has on the festive period. With this information, they debated if it is important for strikes to cause an inconvenience or if they should instead happen during quieter times of year. Equally, they discussed whether the time of year should affect the decision to strike at all.


Primary school

"There shouldn't be strikes as December might be the only time people get to see their families."


Secondary school

"When striking over the festive period, people are being punished rather than companies / bosses. After the last 2 Christmas' with Covid, this is not fair to do to families."



"People will always find a way to complain about striking no matter the time of year it takes place."

54% of 16+ and College voters thought strikes should happen during the festive period.

  • Our oldest voting group leaned towards 'Yes' for whether strikes should happen over the winter holidays.
  • In the comments, students noted that the point of strike actions is to cause an inconvenience and people would complain whenever they were held throughout the year.
65% of 11-16 year olds disagreed and voted that now is not the right time for strikes to take place

  • Interestingly, our other voters didn't agree. 65% of Secondary students thought that strikes should not happen during the festive period.
  • Despite this, the comments seemed split. It seemed that most students sympathised with the need for strike action to occur, however they didn't support the disruptance it inevitably caused for people at such a busy time.
64% of 5-11 year olds voted 'no', with most comments arguing that seeing family over the holidays is too important

  • 64% of Primary pupils voted 'No' to strike action in December.
  • The comments were similar to the Secondary comments, with many noting that seeing family is important at this time of year and that might be hindered by strike action.
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