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Under-16s Phones Cover Image

Would you feel safer with an under-16s phone?

19th - 26th April 2024

For this VoteTopic, voters explored the possibility of specially-designed phones for teenagers to help improve their online safety. Throughout the wide-ranging conversations about this topic, the insights of children & young people have been largely unrepresented. That’s why this week, we are keen to hear their thoughts and opinions on smartphone usage and what the digital landscape might look like for them in the future.

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AI Images Cover Photo

Is AI-generated content too believable?

08th - 15th March 2024

Last week, voters were exploring the world of AI-generated images, audio, and video in celebration of British Science Week. They considered the increased sophistication of content created using artificial intelligence and how this is influencing everything from popular culture to politics.

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Safer Internet Day 2024 Cover Image

Are older generations equipped to teach young people about the online world?

02nd - 09th February 2024

This VoteTopic was in celebration of Safer Internet Day on the 6th February and we asked voters to consider the “digital divide” between them and the older figures in their lives.

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Alien Life Cover Image

Do you think alien life exists?

5th - 12th Janauary 2024

To mark the beginning of the new year, voters were discussing all things extraterrestrial. They explored a range of opinions and ideas about life beyond our planet and considered the possibility that alien life exists.

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Young girl looks at computer

Will life improve with more use of AI?

Following the exponential rise of ChatGPT, as well as the steady increase of smart technology in our daily lives, voters considered what the future may hold for artificial intelligence (AI). They explored current – and potential – uses of artificial intelligence across education, transport, art, medicine and jobs.

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Person works with wind turbine hologram

Will science solve the world's problems?

06th - 13th January 2023

2022 was a year of huge scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, with many also looking to science for support with the health emergency and ever-present climate change concerns. With this in mind, our voters considered whether more of our attention should be geared towards funding and finding scientific innovations and solutions in the future.

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