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Student Webinars

Taking Student Voice to a new level

What are our Student Webinars?

At VotesforSchools, we put Student Voice first. We're passionate about getting young people talking, discussing the big issues at play and leading the change that they want to see.

This year, our Youth Ambassadors will be planning and hosting webinars throughout the year on topical issues for students across the country. These sessions will be run for students, by students and the outcome will be passed on to schools, parents and organisations and used to influence change.

Meet our Youth Ambassadors

Our 2023/24 Student Webinars

Odd Socks against a colourful background

Bullying, 17th November 2023

Our first session will follow Anti-Bullying Week, as students discuss the issues that continue to arise in their playground, classrooms and online, and offer us some insight into what they feel should be done to help stop bullying.

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young girl in the dark looking at a phone

The Online World, 9th February 2024

In February, our Ambassadors will bring students together following Internet Safety to discuss the experiences young people have online and provide us with an insight into what it's like to grow up in the age of the internet.

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footprints on the earth representing carbon footprint

The Climate Crisis, 19th April 2024

Our final session will follow Earth Day and our Ambassadors will be gathering all the eco-warriors in our VotesforSchools community to discuss how they feel about climate change and what they would like to see happening to help look after our environment.

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You spoke, we listened

"VotesforSchools should acknowledge what the advisory board has said and show us what impact it's had."

Batala, Year 9

You spoke, we listened

"You should take our advice and pass it on."

Poppy, Year 6

You spoke, we listened

"We could talk to our classes, get their opinions, stories, experiences etc and feedback to you."

Cavid, Year 6

You spoke, we listened

"We could record videos about the topic, or make advice videos on things like bullying or tests."

Grace, Year 6

You spoke, we listened

"We'd like to have an input on the lessons. You should ask us what we want to see happening."

Bianca, Year 4

You spoke, we listened

"Often adults don't see situations from your perspective with things like bullying, friendships, feelings and school stresses."

Batala, Year 9