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National Student Voice Awards

Celebrating the impact of student voice

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Whether it's in their schools, in their local community or on a national scale, we believe the impact of student voice needs to be celebrated! Our National Student Voice Awards celebrate the hard work of schools and students across the country to make sure their voices are heard.

Meet our 2024 Winners!

Hollyfast Primary School

Hollyfast Primary School, Primary School Winner

Our judges were truly impressed with the different ways that Hollyfast Primary School celebrated student voice, and the roles they offer to promote leadership and ensure young people feel empowered.

Outwood Academy Shafton, Secondary School Winner

Outwood Academy Shafton, Secondary School Winner

Outwood Academy Shafton’s efforts to promote democracy and help students understand the democratic process is what really stood out to the judge. We loved seeing how Outwood Academy Shafton used student voice to make a real difference in their school.

Maria, Primary Student Winner

Maria, Primary Student Winner

Maria impressed our judges by showing how she’d used her voice to stand up for what she believed in. She's made a huge difference to bullying in her school and continues to stand up for herself and those around her.

Vieran, Secondary School Winner

Vieran, Secondary School Winner

Vieran blew the judges away with how he used his voice to support his school and his community. As the founder of the Youth Carers Society and co-founder of the South Asian Society, Vieran used his knowledge and personal experience to make a real difference in his school.

Secondary School Silver Award

It’s clear that Outwood Grange students are heard far and wide - and that the school is doing everything it can to make that happen.

Primary School Silver Award

Godolphin Junior School's hard work ensuring students' voices were heard consistently and meaningfully earned them their silver award this year!

Secondary School Bronze Awards

St Peter's School's approach to bullying showed how dedicated they are in taking young people’s thoughts and experiences seriously.

Primary School Bronze Award

Our Judges were particularly inspired by how Boundary Oak Academy supported charities and issues that students care about.

Secondary Student Silver Award

Zaphaneth’s men’s mental health initiative is what really stood out to our judges, as his “Bro Lunch” aimed to eliminate stigmas around men’s mental health and men seeking professional help.

Primary Student Silver Award

From running assemblies on climate change to representing her school as an Eco-Ambassador, Petra has used her voice to make a difference.

Secondary Student Bronze Award

Tai’Bat’s work to teach others about issues women face, while working on the committees for both the Afro-Caribbean Society and Muslim Students’ Association shows the broad scope of people she’s using her voice to support.

Primary Student Bronze Award

Hanan has also used her voice to help save the planet, as she raised awareness and educated other students on this important issue. Well deserving of our Bronze medal!

Secondary Student Bronze Award

Harvey’s work as a peer mentor along with his work breaking down stigmas around mental health - particularly for Black boys - shows just how impactful student voice can be.

A huge thank you to our 2024 Judges!

Nic Ponsford

The Global Equality Collective

After working in education for over 20 years, Nic set up Global Equality Collective (GEC) to address 'one of the biggest issues in education' - diversity and inclusion.

Dan Lawes

My Life, My Say

As Head of Partnerships at My Life My Say, Dan is building a coalition of organisations working to ensure that all young people get their voices heard at the next general election.

Hayden Taylor


Hayden founded Unloc at the age of 16, building it to reach over 20,000 young people every year. He is passionate about supporting other young people from disadvantaged communities.

Eden Byrne

I Have a Voice Ambassador

Eden is a social activist from Northern Ireland and Ambassador for I Have a Voice.

Hannah Taaffe


Hannah has worked in youth advocacy at charities like Global Citizen and Save the Children. Currently Girl Voice Lead at Girlguiding, she is empowering girls and young women to have their voices heard in politics.

Dr Emma-Jane Brazier


Emma-Jane is Events and Engagement Lead at Voice 21, the national oracy education charity. She leads on programme development and speaker selection for their flagship events The Speaking Summit and Great Oracy Exhibition, as well as external events such as a recent partnership with TEDx Youth.

QWho can apply for the National Student Voice Awards?

There are four categories to our National Student Voice Awards

  • Primary Student
  • Secondary Student
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School

Any school or student or 18 is welcome to apply, whether you're subscribed to VotesforSchools or not!

QCan I nominate myself for a student award?

Absolutely! We encourage students to celebrate their personal achievements. Simply click on the 'nominate a student' link and then 'nominate myself'. But don't forget to leave a teacher's contact details so we know how to get in touch!

QWhat do the winners of the National Student Voice Awards receive?

The winning schools will receive a free one-year subscription to VotesforSchools as well as a certificate, profile on our website and other VotesforSchools goodies.

The winning students will get a £50 Amazon voucher as well as a certificate, profile on our website and other VotesforSchools goodies!

Winners will be chosen from both Primary and Secondary schools.

QHow will the winners be chosen?

Schools are judged on how they encourage student voice and the impact that it's had within the school community, while students are judged on how they've used their voice and the positive change it caused!

All applications are read by our VotesforSchools team and the finalists in each category are sent to our independent panel of judges. All applications are anonymised before going to the judges and our judges will give each application a score out of 20 and we work out the winners from there!

QHow do I apply?

Click on the links above and fill out our short form to nominate your schools, a student or yourself.

Note: You cannot save the form and continue at a later date, so you may wish to save copies of your answers in case you don't finish.

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