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National Student Voice Awards

Celebrating the impact of student voice

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Whether it's in their schools, in their local community or on a national scale, we believe the impact of student voice needs to be celebrated! Our National Student Voice Awards celebrate the hard work of schools and students across the country to make sure their voices are heard.

Apply for your chance to win

Applications are open until 14th April 2024!

Why apply for our National Student Voice Awards?

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Open to all schools and students

We have four catergories to our National Student Voice Awards:

  • Primary Students
  • Secondary Students
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools

And these are open to any school or student under 18, not just those who are subscribed to VotesforSchools.

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Easy to apply

Applications are online and easy to use. The application will cover:

  • How you've used or encouraged student voice;
  • The impact it's had and
  • Anything else you'd like to share with us.

You can apply from the February half-term to the end of the Easter holidays, so there is plenty of time.

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Great prizes

Prizes include:

  • £50 Amazon voucher for the winning Primary and Secondary students
  • A one-year subscription to VotesforSchools for the winning Primary and Secondary schools
  • Certificates, goodies and profiles on our websites for all winners and runners-up!
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Celebrate your achievements

Students, teachers and schools are doing amazing work to make sure the voices of our next generation are being heard,.

If you or you school are using student voice to make positive changes, we want to give you the recognition you deserve.

QWho can apply for the National Student Voice Awards?

There are four categories to our National Student Voice Awards

  • Primary Student
  • Secondary Student
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School

Any school or student or 18 is welcome to apply, whether you're subscribed to VotesforSchools or not!

QCan I nominate myself for a student award?

Absolutely! We encourage students to celebrate their personal achievements. Simply click on the 'nominate a student' link and then 'nominate myself'. But don't forget to leave a teacher's contact details so we know how to get in touch!

QWhat do the winners of the National Student Voice Awards receive?

The winning schools will receive a free one-year subscription to VotesforSchools as well as a certificate, profile on our website and other VotesforSchools goodies.

The winning students will get a £50 Amazon voucher as well as a certificate, profile on our website and other VotesforSchools goodies!

Winners will be chosen from both Primary and Secondary schools.

QHow will the winners be chosen?

Schools are judged on how they encourage student voice and the impact that it's had within the school community, while students are judged on how they've used their voice and the positive change it caused!

All applications are read by our VotesforSchools team and the finalists in each category are sent to our independent panel of judges. All applications are anonymised before going to the judges and our judges will give each application a score out of 20 and we work out the winners from there!

QHow do I apply?

Click on the links above and fill out our short form to nominate your schools, a student or yourself.

Note: You cannot save the form and continue at a later date, so you may wish to save copies of your answers in case you don't finish.

Promote the national Student Voice Awards in your school

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Our National Student Voice Awards 2024 School Pack includes:

  • Introduction Activity to use in your class
  • Copy to include in your newsletter/website
  • Logos & images
  • A printable poster
Download our SVA School Pack

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