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Teacher Toolkit

Personal Development, all in one place

To help you develop, lead and become the best (and least-stressed) teacher you can be, we're creating a range of series to help you with all of your Personal Development curriculum needs.

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Everything you need to know about British Values

What are they, where did they come from and how do you teach them?

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What are Protected Characteristics?

Brush up on your knowledge, and find out how you can embed protected characteristics into your curriculum

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British Values Display Materials

Spruce up your display in no time at all with this British Values Display Pack

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Approaching Extremism...

Learn how to empower teachers and students in addressing extremism, radicalisation, and terrorism in the classroom. Discover resources and strategies to create

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Evidencing Learning in PSHE lessons

If you're struggling to get something in the books at the end of a lesson, this is the article for you.

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Teaching Mental Health in Schools

With more children than ever before being referred to mental health services, this article explores how you can help young people in your classroom

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Dealing with Misogyny & Andrew Tate in School

With the rise of incel culture & misogyny, this renowned article takes a different view

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See the full series

Delve deep into all things PSHE & RSE with our full range of advice and tips

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Teacher Burnout

We teamed up with an expert on teacher burnout to help you avoid it

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Assemblies- a 10 minute plan

Take the stress out of assemblies with this trick that takes planning to less than 10 minutes!

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Ofsted Cribsheets

The infamous Ofsted Cribsheets- great for prepping for the call, or just for checking over your current provision

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See the full series

Delve into all things CPD & Wellbeing in this series

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What is Oracy? Tools and Techniques to Enhance Classroom Talk

Everything you need to know about Oracy in schools.

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