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Sponsor a School

Because everyone deserves to have their voice heard

What is school sponsorship?

Our sponsorship programme will give more schools across the country access to the VotesforSchools programmes, designed to get young people learning, talking and being heard on the issues that affect them most.

We know this can make a tangible difference in young people's education and support schools in developing students' oracy skills and critical thinking.

Why sponsor schools?

Give every child a voice

Our resources are designed to support students in talking about issues that matter to them. Sponsoring schools will give more students access to our award-winning resources and voting platform, allowing their voices to be heard more directly by charities, organisations and members of parliament.

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Understand what our future generation think

Your company will receive termly reports outlining the topics discussed as well as data and comments submitted by your sponsored schools. Access to this data will allow you to understand and act on what young people have to say - so students know their voices are being heard in the highest places

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Start a direct line of communication with schools

As part of our sponsorship programme, you will also have a direct line of communication with your schools, creating opportunities to speak directly to students about relevant issues or offer work experience, summits or Youth Advisory Boards, increasing the enrichment of students involved.

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Make a difference

VotesforSchools equips children and young people with some of the key skills that employers and company owners have identified as potentially missing in the future workforce: critical thinking, oracy, confidence, tolerance, and empathy.

We know that every child and young person's voice deserves to be heard, so sponsoring schools will give more students the platform, information and confidence to make this happen.

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Prices start from £3,000+VAT

Discounts will be offered for multi-school sponsorships.

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Email our Head of Partnerships at penny@votesforschools.com or complete the form below and we'll get back to you.

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