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An apprentice and their supervisor work on construction.

Is it fair for apprentices to be paid a lower living wage?

28th April - 05th May 2023

Young people learned more about apprenticeships and all that they entail for this VoteTopic. They reflected on the wage that apprentices receive, and whether it is reasonable given that apprenticeships consist of both working and learning. Meanwhile, our youngest voters reflected on the world of work and the wide-ranging careers that young people may enter into.

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students in an exam hall

Are difficult exams good for assessing people's skills?

For this VoteTopic, voters considered all things exams, following the outcry over the difficulty of recent Year 6 SATs tests in England. They discussed the benefits and drawbacks of exams before reflecting on potential alternatives.

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A team of colleagues working in an office

Is a four-day working week a good idea?

24th - 31st March 2023

Discussion about the prospect of a four-day week has been widespread following the results of a trial in over 60 UK companies. Voters considered the practicalities of a four-day week in relation to their own experience of learning and reflected on the impact it might have on the adults in their lives. Our older voters also considered the impact a shorter workweek might have on different sectors and industries.

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empty train station during strike action

Should there be strikes during the festive period?

09th - 16th December 2022

With multiple sectors currently striking or preparing to, our voters considered how strike action affects arguably the busiest time of the year. They explored the purpose of striking, why it is being discussed in the news right now and the impact it has on the festive period. With this information, they debated if it is important for strikes to cause an inconvenience or if they should instead happen during quieter times of year. Equally, they discussed whether the time of year should affect the decision to strike at all.

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