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Equalities and identity

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Do fandoms encourage bullying?

11th-18th November 2022

To mark Anti-Bullying Week, our voters considered the role of fandoms and whether they encourage or discourage negativity, primarily in but not limited to, online spaces. A fandom can be described as a community of fans of a particular person or thing and the rise of social media has strengthened their ability to communicate as a collective. Conversely, our youngest voters discussed the role of the individual in different scenarios and whether it is difficult or not to stand up against bullying.

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Are actions more impactful than words?

30th September - 7th October 2022

To mark Black History Month, our voters explored this year’s theme of “Time for change: actions not words”. They considered the role of words and actions in the context of tackling racism and discussed how significant a part each plays in the fight for equality.

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